Current TV Shows on DVD …

Half-Hour Shows:

The Real Ghostbusters Complete

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Complete

New Adventures of He-Man Complete

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe 200X  Complete

She-Ra Princess of Power  Complete

Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok Complete

Vampire Princess Miyu Complete

Red Dwarf Complete

GI Joe Complete

Star Trek Animated Complete

Daria Complete

2 Broke Girls  Complete

The Nanny Complete

Mork and Mindy Complete

Soap Complete

Rat Patrol Complete

Unwatched Hourly

Dynasty Complete

Doctor Who Complete

Agents of SHIELD Complete

Agent Carter Complete

Star Trek: Voyager Complete

Star Trek: Enterprise Complete

Star Trek: Discovery Complete

Doom Patrol Complete

Scream Queens Complete

Once a Thief Complete

Alien Nation Complete

Ash vs Evil Dead Complete

Twin Peaks Complete

Twin Peaks(2017) Complete

Wonder Woman Complete

Star Trek: Picard Complete

Beauty and the Beast Complete

Pretty Little Liars Complete

Doom Patrol Complete

American Horror Story Complete

The Haunting of Hill House Complete

Hunter Complete

Relic Hunter Complete

Knight Rider Current

Rewatch Hourly

Firefly/Serenity Complete

V Complete

Star Trek: TOS Complete

Buck Rogers Complete

The World at War Complete

Charlie’s Angels Complete

Star Trek: Deep Space 9 Complete

Rewatch Consideration list (not necessarily in priority order):

Quantum Leap
Deep Space 9
Space 1999
Friday the 13th
Get Smart
Married … With Children

Crave + Movies


A Bad Moms Christmas
A Cure For Wellness (Horror)
Alien: Covenant Done
Allure Done
A Murderer Upstairs (Horror) Done
Angels and Ornaments (Christmas)
Annabelle: Creation (Horror)
Arthur Christmas
A Swinger’s Weekend Done
Awakening the Zodiac (Horror) Done
Bad Kids of Crestview Academy (Horror)
Blade Runner 2049
Blair Witch
Cast a Deadly Spell
Citizen X
Crooked House
Deadly Sorority (Horror)
Death Wish
Fahrenheit 451
Flatliners (Horror)
Get Out (Horror)
Hello Ladies: The Movie
Insidious: The Last Key (Horror)
It (Horror)
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle
Justice League
Killer Mom
Kong: Skull Island
La La Land
Murder on the Orient Express
Phoenix Forgotten (Horror)
Professor Marston and the Wonder Woman Done
Pyewacket (Horror)
Rough Night
Spider-man Homecoming Done
The Belko Experiment (Horror)
The Girl on the Train (Horror)
The Heretics (Horror)
The LEGO Batman Movie
The Psycho She Met Online Done
The Sunset Limited (Philosophy)
Totem (Horror)
Unsane (Horror)
Wonder Woman
Woody Woodpecker
You Killed My Mother (Horror)

TV Shows

30 Rock
Corner Gas
Daria Done
Drawn Together
Everybody Loves Raymond
Hello Ladies
Match Game
Delilah & Julius (52 episodes)
Cartoon Conspiracy (1 Season)
Sabrina The Animated Series

Carnivale (Horror)
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
Dead Like Me
Agent Carter Done
Agents of SHIELD Done
The Girlfriend Experience
The Shannara Chronicles
Twin Peaks

11 Responses to “Current TV Shows on DVD …”

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    […] Next are TV shows. I only have time to watch half hour long shows in the evenings, which is why I’ve been commenting on cartoons a lot right now (also why I did comedies like Wings, Cheers and Frasier). So I’ve listed the last set of cartoons for now: “The Real Ghostbusters”, “He-Man” (all of the series), and “She-Ra”. After that, it’s “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”, which I’ve watched but never talked about. After that … I don’t know. […]

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    […] deliberately planning for that, with my revamped reading list, my list of video games, and even my list of dvds to watch. I’m not merely trying to finish things that I’ve been wanting to finish — which […]

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    […] long, and also aren’t entirely complete. For example, I only have three hourly shows listed on my list of shows to watch on DVD despite the fact that I do indeed have a rather large library of DVDs to watch, that contain both […]

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    […] still provide the flexibility I need while the hour long shows still get some play. I, of course have my half hour shows planned out probably through the end of the year while I still have to decide what hourly shows I’ll watch after Dynasty — it is […]

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    […] at my list of shows to watch, I’m happy that I’ve been doing pretty well with it in general and, in fact, am doing […]

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    […] updated my Reading List, TV Shows, and Video Games lists to reflect what I’m going to start with. I’ve technically […]

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    […] is probably the show that I’ve been trying to watch the longest. If you look at my list of TV shows to watch, you will see a link there to my abandoning it from 2011 … and that wasn’t the first […]

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    […] here on the blog, I have a number of lists.  I have a list of books.  I have a list of DVDs.  I have a list of video games.  These three lists are indeed lists that I use to keep […]

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