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Restoring the Reading List

March 14, 2023

So about a year and a half ago, I said that I was going to stop updating most of my lists because they weren’t really adding any value for me.  The main reason for this was that I was pretty much creating physical stacks of all the things that I was reading or watching and so it was easier for me to simply refer to the stack instead of referring to the list.  And that still seems to be true … except for one list, the Reading List.

It’s not that I can’t manage this list through the stacks.  If anything, it’s the one area where I pretty much run it entirely through stacks, because I tend to need to assemble them in one place physically so that I know what I have and to set the order that I’ll be reading them in.  So they are in fact perfectly positioned for me to manage through stacks.  So, then, why am I restoring the list?

When I talked about reading some books, like the Bible, I got a comment from Ester expressing interest in reading what I thought of them.  Of course, by the list it would take me months to get there, and so I wanted to express that in some way so that if someone wanted to know what I was reading and how long it might take me to get there they’d have some kind of reference.  And some of the books I’m reading are not exactly standard and so I thought again that some people might be interested in seeing what I was reading and going to read and commenting on that, or looking back to see when I might get around to commenting on that.

So I’ve restored the Reading List, breaking things down into three categories.  The first is the things I’m reading mostly for fun, which right now is my finally getting through a bunch of White Wolf novels that I had started once but never finished.  I don’t know what I’m going to read after that, although it’s likely to be the X-Wing books.  The second is the classic novels that I’m trying to read while doing laundry, which right now is a bunch of King Arthur books — including a re-read of “The Pendragon Cycle” because the first time I read it I noted that it made me want to re-read some of the more classic legends and I’m interested in seeing how I feel when I do things the other way around — followed by the complete Conan the Barbarian works and then finishing off Anna Karenina and Crime and Punishment, after which I’ll probably have to find some new ones to read (I’m thinking about trying “Ivanhoe” at some point, actually).  The third is the list of philosophy books that I’m trying to read while doing laundry, which right now is a bunch of theology/philosophy of religion things, including the Bible and Carrier’s mythicism books, and then finishing of the Nietzsche and some Sartre.

I also kept the old list (actually lists, since there was an old one there already) and will move completed sections below to keep the main list from getting too cluttered.  So if anyone wants to know what I’m reading, the Reading List is once again the place to go.

Video Game Playlists

February 21, 2023

So, while writing up my answers to the Ultima IV questions and reading the comments, I ended up thinking about various series and the like that I wanted to play.  This was enhanced by my thinking about what I’m doing with DAO and wanting to play at least DA2 after I finish that.  And after the success of the nine month project to read the complete works of Shakespeare, I’m right now feeling pretty good about committing to things that will take a long time to finish … and playing any of these series will be that.  So, as is my wont, I want to make a list for it.  And since people have expressed an interest in my playing at least some of these games, I figured I should do it on the blog, to let people know what I’m looking at, to keep a record of that so that I can refer to it, and also to, well, have a post for the day from something I’m already writing about.

Note that this isn’t in priority order, just in the order I think of it.

Dragon Age:  This is what I’m currently working on.  The reason is that I picked up the pack with all the DLC from GOG and wanted to play the game once with those DLC.  So I’m right now playing with an ex-pat of Spencer from “Pretty Little Liars”, and when that’s done I’m quite likely to play DA2 with an ex-pat of Hanna.  DAI is on the table but I’m not at all sure that I would be interested in playing that game again.

Wizardry 6 – 8:  I love Wizardry 8 but have never finished it.  I started Wizardry 6 once and didn’t care for the graphics.  And these are long games that can be a bit grindy.  But I keep get reminded of them by the CRPG Addict and want to take a shot at them at some point.

Ultima IV – IX:  I could split it into separate runs — at least chopping 8 and 9 off — but I again was reminded of it reading the CRPG Addict and so am interested in trying it again.

Might and Magic (maybe from 6?):  This is getting to be a recording, since I was reminded of it from reading the CRPG Addict and so want to play them again.  I did enjoy 6 a bit when I played it the first time years ago, and am not sure that I can put up with the earlier games (which also applies to Ultima and Wizardry).

Gold Box Games:  This is constantly on my list.  I have only ever finished “Gateway to the Savage Frontier” and remember “Curse of the Azure Bonds” the most fondly.  This is of course a huge list and I don’t like the class choices of the earlier games, so I might end up doing it by series if I get around to this, but one of the big issues — mapping — is mostly solved by some things I found on the Internet making it less daunting for me to play one day a week.

Icewind Dale:  I have a few versions of these games lying around somewhere.  I liked the story of the first one better and the classes of the second one better, but never finished either.  It’d be nice to give it a try sometime.

Baldur’s Gate:  I never liked the first one and had some fun with the second one before abandoning it for no reason.  However, this — along with Planescape:  Torment, which is not a series and so won’t be on this list — is the series that I most feel like I should play and give more of a chance to, so it ends up here.

Fallout:  Including the old and the new games.  In both of the original games I ended up with a badly created character that couldn’t get anywhere (this also applied to Might and Magic).  I’ve never even loaded the new games.  But again these are games that I feel that I really should play at some point.

Elder Scrolls:  I got bored and went on a homicidal rampage in Morrowind, finished Oblivion, and started a couple of Skyrim games before abandoning it.  I have all of these games still and so should probably go through them at some point.

Mass Effect:  I restarted the trilogy recently with a Barbara Gordon ex-pat but then dropped it.  I wouldn’t mind going through it again with that although again the third one is a game that I don’t really want to play, and I’m not that thrilled with the second one either, to tell you the truth.

Knights of the Old Republic:  I’ve played a few games of the first one and finished them, but every time I tried to play a related Sith Lords game I get bored of it after Peragus and quit.  I’d like to actually complete the both of them at some point, although playing TOR constantly kind hampers that.

So, that’s the current list.  Yes, it’s huge, but as per my wont I’m not planning on finishing them all any time soon.  This is just a list for me to refer to when I finish Dragon Age so that I don’t forget what I wanted to play.

Accomplishments Update

February 18, 2023

So, it’s been about two and half months since the last update, and about a month and a half since I started the new schedule that I built on New Year’s Day, so it’s a good time to talk about how that’s working and what I managed to get done.

As usual, DVDs are going swimmingly, as I started the New Year off right by watching the entire series of “Hot in Cleveland” before moving on to “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”.  I also started watching the complete “The Twilight Zone” series and am doing a comprehensive look at all of those episodes.

Books might have actually worked out better than DVDs, as I finished all the Pierre Berton histories and all of the Bill Fawcett lighter histories.  I then started reading a bunch of White Wolf Vampire books that I had started reading years ago and never finished.  I also managed to finish my nine month odyssey of reading the complete works of Shakespeare, and started reading King Arthur and some philosophy of religion books.

Video games are working out pretty well as well.  I am plugging away with a Corran Horn ex-pat in “The Old Republic”, and have managed to get a decent start on Dragon Age Origins (I’m just past the first visit to Redcliffe).  I’ve also played a little bit of Risk II.  I haven’t managed, however, to get in any plays of DAoC or STO, even though they are on my schedule.

And finally, I’ve actually done something with projects!  Writing, as it turns out, as I’m working through a couple of segmented stories.  I’m managing to put up a new segment every week, which was my goal.  I haven’t done anything with programming, however.

So I’m on vacation for two weeks to watch the Scotties — on TV — and do some other things, so we’ll see how things pick up after that.

What I Finished, What I Played in 2022

January 17, 2023

This was a bit of an odd year for me with playing video games, where I ended last year with the epic play of Persona 5 Royal but couldn’t sustain that effort for the rest of the year.  So the game that I finished and played the most are my plays of The Old Republic, where I finished an entire Sledge Hammer inspired set of runs in that game and continued to play with a Corran Horn inspired run.  I kept up the MMO theme by playing Dark Age of Camelot fairly regularly before dropping it a bit towards the end of the year, and right at the end I started playing Star Trek Online again by playing the Romulan storyline, but I only played that once.  All of these are on the schedule to play in 2023.

I started playing Hearts of Iron in an attempt to explore the historical changes, but eventually gave up on it because the time moved too slowly and it neither reproduced history well enough to be interesting to watch and maybe change but it also didn’t make interesting changes on its own, as when I was watching it France was still taken over by a political decision despite there being ongoing battles and then the Allies invaded Italy quite early which didn’t change much either.  I did, however, make it a goal to play some other strategy games and managed to finish the old Amiga game Space Crusade.  I also started to play Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds again but didn’t get past the tutorial campaign due to things like time.  I did, however, get in a couple of runs in the simulator in X-Wing Alliance, and think that I might want to play that more in the coming year.

I had started a run of Dragon Age Origins with Spencer from “Pretty Little Liars”, and made it to Redcliff before abandoning it.  I have that scheduled to play this year and have made it to Ostagar on the restart, so we’ll see how that goes.  I also took a quick run at Wizardry 8 during the year as is my wont but again ran out of time and stopped playing it.

I also managed to install some old games and played an epic game of Axis and Allies and then right at the end of the year I played a few games of Risk II.

I also did manage to get in some of the arcade games on that system that I picked up a while ago, playing a couple of the WWF games from the time and at least beating the Royal Rumble in one, finishing the X-Men arcade game with every character, playing a bit of X-Men:  Children of the Atom, and a little bit of X-Men vs Street Fighter and Street Fighter II, along with a couple of others while building the list of arcade games.  Some of them will not work as well as I had hoped, but I hope to play some of them at some point during the year.

And finally, again right at the end I played Escape Game Fort Boyard.  You would think that I would have picked this one up — twice, as it turns out, as I bought it once for the PS systems and once for the Switch — because of my known love of Escape Games as per “The Nonary Games”, but instead it was because there used to be a show about Fort Boyard that I liked and so since it was cheap I wanted to give it a try.  I tried out the Switch version — the first non-Ring Fit Adventure game I played on the Switch — and it was a bit but not entirely like the show, and was missing the host that I liked, but it worked well enough.  I played it in party mode on the easiest difficulty and the shortest time, and it was fine and a perfectly okay quick game, so I might play it again at some point.

Anyway, that’s what I finished and played in 2022.  We’ll see how things work out this year with my schedule explicitly scheduling more time to play games than I had last year.

Some More Quick Thoughts

January 10, 2023

One thing that I discovered over my December vacation is, well, more of a confirmation of the fact that I can watch pretty much any competition show if I have someone to cheer for.  I recently added the Canadian Food Network channel to my cable package as part of another package and at various times spent some time watching the competitions on it.  However, I ended up spending pretty much an entire day watching the “Kids Baking Championship” marathon.  I had flipped to it but didn’t care much for it because at first the stuff the kids were doing seemed basic, but after flipping back to it again at one point I found that there were a few of the kids that seemed to have interesting personalities and approaches, and they also did manage to do some fairly advanced techniques, so I kept watching it until the end.  It was also interesting because at least pretty much once an episode one of the kids broke down crying (and the one who went home ended up doing the same) and while it could have really annoyed me I found that it didn’t bother me as much as I would have thought because, well, they’re kids.  They’re definitely going to be upset at times, and it was also nice to see Valerie Bertinelli — who was one of the hosts — come over to calm them down and give them a hug, which was kinda sweet.

I also realized that while I used to say that for anything like this I could watch it if I had someone to cheer for or cheer against, I think that doesn’t work for me anymore.  There has to be someone for me to cheer for, because if there’s just someone that I find annoying and so want to lose there I find that, well, they start to annoy me, and then the show starts to annoy me, and then I stop watching the show.  While one of the more colourful personalities annoyed me with this show, there were some personalities that I liked better which carried me through the episodes.  If that kid had made it all the way to the end and only had neutral personalities for me to cheer for, I think I would indeed have just moved on.

How I ended up with that channel is itself a bit interesting.  As the channel that sometimes shows movies went into Christmas movies that bored me, and the game show channels were showing shows that I didn’t care for, I started pondering reshuffling channels again to get something to watch when I’m working from home (I still do that at least one day a week, and whenever it snows).  And then I went to the dentist, and they have TVs overhead to distract the patients while they’re working on them, and it was showing “Love it or List it Vancouver”, which I was surprisingly interested in.  The show features an interior designer facing off against a realtor to fix the issues a family or couple is having with their house by renovating it and trying to find them a new one, and at the end the family has to decide whether to keep the renovated house or sell it to take the house the realtor found for them.  I liked the show because, as one of the wives commented, the interior designer is “cute and perky”, there’s just enough drama to keep me interested when I’m watching it but I don’t care enough about that drama that it distracts me when I’m doing something else (a marathon of those episodes is running right now while I’m writing this, in fact).  It took me a while to find that channel, but I finally did and it was in a package with Food Network and a few others, so I decided to give it a shot.  It works pretty well, although it is nice to catch at the end who won and when I used it to look up at while playing TOR I ended up having no idea who won which means that I didn’t remember anything about the episode.

I was reading some Bill Fawcett history books — he had written “How to Lose a Battle” — that I picked up in my last Amazon shopping spree before the holidays, and obviously when you talk about monumental battles and the like a lot of those will be from WWII, which reminded me of that and spurred me to rewatch … “Space Above and Beyond”, which fit into the time between my having finished off “Babylon 5” and starting the new stuff.  The show is more gritty and realistic than, well, most shows you’d see on TV that aren’t documentaries but it can be a bit gritty and dramatic at times — exceeding the rebooted “Battlestar Galatica” at times — and a lot of the times the marine characters end up disobeying orders more than they really should be able to get away with.  Yes, they’re in a space war with aliens and had the first real success in that war, but the military tends to demand more discipline than that.  So it got a little grating at times with that and the drama, but it’s still a fairly good show, especially since James Morrison plays T.C. McQueen, their commanding officer, quite well, and it’s one of the few roles that I’ve seen that Tucker Smallwood nails the acting on.

I also had planned on playing some of the PC games that I found and installed a while ago, and finally found some time to play Risk II.  I played with the Same Time option — all moves are executed at the same time — and with the Mission option, and played a couple of games with eight players that are all me.  I noticed that some of the missions seemed to be quite a bit easier than the others.  For example, the mission of “Eliminate Player X who owned the territory of Y” seems relatively easy, especially if you take and hold that territory early on so you know who to focus on, and indeed the first game was won by the player with that mission.  What makes it easier than the similar mission to simply eliminate a specific random player is that if someone else eliminates that player you still complete the mission, whereas when you’re given a specific random player if someone else eliminates them you have to take them on, which is bad because it’s likely that they are a fairly powerful player at that point.  The other missions that I’ve seen are based on holding a continent and other things as well.  You can hold a continent of your choice and then have a presence in each of the other continents, or hold a specific continent and then specific territories or a chain of connected territories.  The specific territories one seems to me to be the most difficult because you definitely have to conquer a lot of extra territory just to get to those specific territories, while the presence one is similar but what specifically you take is more open.  The chain of connected territories is probably the easiest, if you have the right initial continent.  At any rate, the game is fun and a lot faster than the other two to get through, so it may well turn into a good “I have an hour or two to kill” game which I have up until now been completely lacking.

So, those are more quick thoughts from the time I spent on vacation.

2022 in review

January 1, 2023

This was another down year for the blog, where I ended up with the least amount of hits that I’ve ever had excluding the partial year 2010 when I started it.  I had half the visitors and have the hits from last year, but a pretty high views per reader, which I don’t is a good or bad thing.  Anyway, as noted last year I mostly do this to get things out of my head and as I’ve noted recently there are a lot of things that I want to get out of my head or that I want to combine with writing posts to add value to doing those things, so the schedule won’t change much.

And, as per usual, thanks to everyone for reading and commenting on the blog.

The Traditional …

December 25, 2022

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the reader of this blog.

Don’t you mean “The readers”?

No, WordPress still says it’s pretty much just the one.

Some Quick Thoughts

December 20, 2022

So I’ve been poking around with some stuff and have some thoughts on what’s happening there.

I started watching “Babylon 5” as per my December/Christmas tradition, but I found that I wasn’t enjoying it as much as I usually do.  And the reason is that it turned into an obligation to me, and as I discovered at times during the pandemic with “Dark Shadows” if I feel that it’s an obligation I don’t enjoy.  Now, you might wonder how I can enjoy some of the shows that I watch in the evenings and talk about because, well, aren’t all of those shows obligations, things that I’m going because I want to get them done so that I can talk about them?  Well, yes, but I realized that the issue here is less with it being something that I’m trying to get done and more with my feeling that I have a deadline.  I wanted to watch “Crusade” all one shot after finishing “Babylon 5”, and wanted to make Fridays — since I was off — my days to watch marathons, and so felt like I needed to get it done by the end of the first week of my vacation so that I could just jump to “Crusade” and be done with it.  That made me feel that I was on a deadline, which made me feel rushed, which made me enjoy it less.  I don’t have such deadlines with new shows, as the plan is to get them done not get them done by a certain time.  Thus, I can enjoy them despite them being an obligation, because they don’t feel like the same sort of obligation as they do when I feel that I have a deadline.

I’ve also finished off Trunk’s story in The Old Republic and started a new one based on Corran Horn.  For that character, though, I want to do a lot more with the character, as for the longest time all I had been doing was the Class and Planet stories since that was all I needed to hit the max levels, but since TOR is now the game that I play the most and the most consistently I decided that I should really get more involved in the game.  So I’m going to start with doing more sidequests, and then also getting into the space combat portions if I can still do them solo.  It will take me more time, but on the plus side I will definitely be overleveled for all the later story and planet portions.

I also started playing Star Trek Online a bit again, and was hit by the same feeling:  I like the game as the space combat is fun and the ground combat inoffensive, but the game seems to lack something.  I think the issue is that there are a lot of conversations in the game, but there are pretty much no choices you can make in those conversations, even to the extent of choosing what your general attitude will be.  Now, I like Dark Age of Camelot a lot better, and it hardly has any conversations, so why does STO disappoint me so much with this?  I think the reason is that DAoC doesn’t have any roleplaying options most of the time, but when it does give you real conversations you do tend to get to make some meaningful choices, while STO has a lot of things that seem like they’d lead to roleplaying choices but they usually don’t, which makes me wonder why they even bother.  I could be missing something and maybe more of the choices matter, but STO always strikes me as missing something whenever I play it, despite my generally enjoying the gameplay.

Speaking of Star Trek, one of the things I did early on during my vacation was get in another session of “Star Trek Scene It!”.  I played three games against myself (what I do is take all the ships they give me — TOS, TNG, DS9 and Voyager — and play them all out in order of when the series ran) and TOS, TNG and Voyager all each won one game.  I really regret that I never really played it until after the Scene It! games went out of stock because those games are incredibly fun to play.

And on that note, I had picked up the “Ultimate Horror” edition of Trivial Pursuit and played it, although with some trepidation because I was worried that it would prove that I didn’t really know anything about horror at all.  I played with two tokens against each other, and each token won a game, but as it turns out I was actually not too bad at the game.  I did miss a number of questions, but a lot of the time I remembered the show or movie in the question but couldn’t remember things like specific names, and more importantly on a number of occasions I got the question right because I was able to think “What would a horror movie do in that case?” and come up with the right answer.  For example, one question talked about how two characters killed themselves in a movie that had “Bay” in the title and so I came up with “drowning” because, well, what else would a movie like that do?  Also, I probably should have shuffled the questions because there were a number of cards in a row that had questions from a specific series, like “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” or “Supernatural” or “American Horror Story”.  It’s not that big a deal with Trivial Pursuit because you aren’t that likely to get that many questions in a row from the same category, but if things had been shuffled better I could have come across more Buffy questions when I needed that category instead of getting Supernatural ones that I didn’t really know the answer to.

Anyway, those are some quick thoughts that I’ve been pondering over the past week or so.

The List of Arcade Games

December 13, 2022

So I’ve commented on a number of occasions that I really miss arcades.  So a year or so ago after watching “Let’s Make a Deal” giving away arcade game systems as prizes I made up my mind to try to find something at the local place that did pools but also did things for rec rooms.  What they had available was a system with about 3000 games on it, but to quote Shania Twain, that don’t impress me much.  I wasn’t really concerned about the overall number of games because, obviously, I wasn’t going to have the time to work my way through 3000 games, even if they were all unique, and I was pretty sure they weren’t going to be.  No, there were a few games that I really wanted to get because I really missed them, and that was what was going to determine whether or not I bought it.  And yeah, a number of them were there.  I really wanted the two older WWF arcade games that I played a ton as a teen, and they were there.  I had looked to see if they had the more “realistic” version, but couldn’t find it, but I liked and was better at the older ones anyway.  It also had the X-Men Children of the Atom fighting game, but more importantly it had the X-Men arcade game on it that I really wanted, along with the Captain America and the Avengers.  It also had the Marvel Super Heroes fighting game that I had played and almost beat with Iron Man spamming “Uni-beam”.  And it had some of the Street Fighter games and X-Men vs Street Fighter and a few other games I recognized, like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game.  So, given that it had most of the games I wanted, I picked it up.

And then barely played it for the next year or so.

One of the issues was, of course, time.  I just didn’t have the time to play the games.  But it was also a system that I needed to hook up to a monitor or TV, and my plan had been to hook it up to my main monitor in my office, which did work.  However, the issue there was that I in general needed to hook that up to my work laptop or my gaming laptop and so it was a bit of work to set it up, which worked against my simply booting it up to play for a little bit and then shut it down.  I was always going to have to move things around — including power cords — and then put them back once I was finished, which was a bit more set up time than I wanted.  So I played it to test it out and then never set it up again.  However, I recently decided to clear out another bedroom and set some stuff up in there by buying a cheaper HD TV to run a Switch and that system on, while leaving room to play board games and do logic puzzles.  So once I did that, the system was constantly set up … and I actually started playing it a bit!  I played through a couple of rounds of the WWF games and beat the X-Men game with every character.  It’s amazing how strong the “Unlimited Continues” ability can be!  The sad thing is that it can’t be used for the fighting games since continuing only means that you get to try the fight again as opposed to letting you unleash powers and the like and just keep moving through the game, so with the fighting games you need to learn the skills to get you past the part that you die on.  So I might have to practice those.

Anyway, since I was able to play the games now, I decided that I should go through all the games and write down which ones were interesting.  This is important because with 3000 games I wasn’t going to be able to scroll through to find the games I wanted every time, and the best — and likely only — way to find the games I wanted to play was with the “Search” function.  But the names and the spelling of those games could be a bit odd — I think they grabbed a bunch of them from various Asian countries and you know what that means — so I would need to remember the names and how they are spelled.  So I wanted to find out what games I wanted even out of those that I hadn’t played before, and needed to store the names somewhere so I could look them up as necessary.

That sounds like something that requires a list!

I spent a Saturday morning while setting some stuff for work before my vacation going through the list and finding all the games I liked.  Now, there are probably some games in the system that I didn’t put on the list that I would probably enjoyed if I played them.  I skipped a lot of fighting games that I didn’t know, along with a bunch of generic platform games and almost all of the side- and top-scrolling fighter-type games, since I didn’t recognize most of them (except the 1942 games).  I also had a bias towards the sports games since I enjoyed some of them before and so even if I didn’t recognize the games they would be worth trying out.  I also had a bias towards the licensed games because even though some of the more generic games would be better games playing in a licensed universe would be more fun for me.

After all of that, I put 337 games on the list, which is about 10%, more or less.  I also managed to find at least a couple of games that I had wanted to play but didn’t find the first time around.  First, it turns out that that live action WWE game is on the system, if the preview is accurate.  Also, one game that I played a ton and wanted to have on the system is there in Kung-Fu Master, and with the “Unlimited Continues” ability I’ll actually even be able to finish it, where in the arcades I made it to the second level and no further.

Now, all I need it to find the time to play them.  I have some time roughly set aside while on vacation, and figuring it out after that is a job for me on New Year’s Day.

Accomplishments Update

December 6, 2022

So it’s been about three months since the last update, and since I’m about to go on my normal Christmas vacation and am about to redo my schedule on New Year’s Day as normal. it seems like a good time to assess how things work out for the three months where I returned to working from the office.

DVDs worked pretty well, as usual.  I managed to get through “Pretty Little Liars:  Original Sin” and “Doom Patrol” and finish off the “X-Men Animated Series”.  As part of going through “Original Sin”, I also rewatched “Scream Queens” so I could compare the two.  Then I turned my attention to a rewatch of Babylon 5, which I should finish sometime this week.  That worked out pretty well for a three month span, and it leaves me ready to watch something new in the New Year, which should actually go a bit faster since “Go 8-bit” has ended its run on my Canadian game show channel and so I can watch such things on Sunday nights again.

Books worked out pretty well, although it may not seem that way.  I’m still working my way through the Pierre Berton history books, and I’m down to the last book and a half out of about five or six.  I should be finished them by the end of December, or at least be pretty close.  Then I have to decide if I’m going to read some lighter history books — mostly by Bill Fawcett — or re-read something from my fiction book cases that I’ve been meaning to re-read for a while, like the X-Wing books.  Right now, I’m leaning towards Fawcett, to get those books done while recognizing that they will be lighter and faster reads than the Berton books.  I did have to ditch a WWI book that I had planned on reading, partly because I didn’t have the time and partly because I was looking for a good WWI book covering the war to pair with that one which talks about the lead-up to the war, and didn’t find one.

Video games are a bit hit and miss.  I did manage to finish all the missions in “Space Crusade” and only didn’t win the last one.  I also managed to play a fair bit of “The Old Republic” to finish off my latest attempt at the TOR Diary with Captain Trunk.  But I didn’t play “Galactic Battlegrounds” or “Dark Age of Camelot” that much, and am missing not really being able to play longer games like “Dragon Age Origins” in the time I have available.  This is something to think about when doing up my new schedule and plan on New Year’s Day.

On Projects, I did manage to finish and post my story inspired by “Taming of the Shrew”.  That’s huge progress for me.  Unfortunately, after that I did absolutely nothing on Projects, mostly because I didn’t feel that I had the time to do it and kept shuffling my schedule around a bit as well.  This is another thing to think about when doing up my new schedule.

I have a plan set up for my vacation and will try to do some things, and then will be moving to the new schedule in January.  We’ll see how things work out then.