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No More Wii …

March 20, 2017

So, over six years ago I bought a Wii. And recently, I took it off of my main TV and stuff it into a closet, where it likely will never be used again.

I mostly used it for Wii Fit, and that was the main reason why it stuck around so long. But the problem was that right now I was looking to get exercise other than walking due to the weather, which would have been the place where Wii Fit really shined … and it faltered because, at least for me, trying to use Wii Fit after dark never worked. If I left my lights off, then it couldn’t detect my movements, but if I turned my lights on, my shadow fell across the detectors and, again, it couldn’t detect my movements properly. So I pondered it, and thought that it might do well once we got back into spring and summer … but, then, if I was going to exercise I’d likely be able to get a walk in, which is what I preferred.

And I never really used it for anything else. I briefly played the golf game that came with it, and a game of carnival games that was kinda fun, and I picked up a couple of adventure games that I never played — including one based on an Agatha Christie novel (“And Then There Were None”) that had been read to us in class in grade school that I really enjoyed — but for the most part I never played games on it and when I was looking for games to buy for it never really found any. I have PS2, PS3, PS4 and even PS1 — played on the PS2 — games that I still want to play, but there’s just not much on the Wii that I’d really want to play, even if I wasn’t overloaded with games that I want to play at some point.

So, with Wii Fit not working for me and there being no games I really want to play, it was time to pack it in. The best things I can say for it is that it had Wii Fit Plus on it and it was cheap, so it was ultimately worth the money despite how little I actually used it.

Playboy …

February 14, 2017

So, about a year ago, Playboy decided to stop including pictures of nude women.

And now, they’ve gone back to posting nudes.

It turns out that people don’t really buy it just for the articles …

(To be fair, it seems they still put in pictures of attractive women, they just weren’t completely nude. Which then would have made them the equivalent of Maxim with a slightly more recognizable name. That … probably wasn’t going to work.)

It’s Tuesday again …

February 14, 2017

… just like it was five years ago.

I’ll be watching some Star Trek: TNG this time around …

2016 in review

January 8, 2017

WordPress didn’t prepare or send me a report this year — either they’ve stopped doing it or I need a higher level account to get it — but I figured I’d still talk about how the blog did this year.

I ended up with about 100 hits less this year than I did last year, which means that I’m still hitting at around 15,000. This is, of course, pathetic compared to many, many other blogs, but is still pretty good for this one. And it’s a surprising result, since I had less posts this year, 171 to 182, and I definitely found that the more posts I make the more hits I get. What I think kept things this close was the fact that I had a lot more visitors this year than I had last year, by just under a thousand. So, last year fewer people read more posts at a time, while this year more people read fewer posts at at time, likely reflecting more people having read all of the interesting things in my archive that the WordPress suggests with each post, and perhaps not missing so many posts and so not having to work backwards from the latest to read what I had posted that week.

Getting the same number of hits only because more people read (overall) is pretty much totally due to the readers, so thanks to everyone who reads this blog.

Final Vacation Status …

December 31, 2016

So, my vacation is now pretty much over except for the crying, and so I can look back on it and see what I managed to do:

What worked in the last half? I finished watching Charmed, sorted out all of my Legendary cards, got well ahead on the blog, ripped most of my CDs over to a USB drive so I can listen to them at work (and drown out the stereo swearers on either side of me [grin]) and watched all of the Captain America movies, the Avengers movies, and Deadpool (twice). I also did a fair bit of cooking over it, defrosted my freezer and shoveled snow as appropriate.

What didn’t work in the last half? I did no writing, no programming and played no games except for sessions of Pinball Arcade. I also didn’t do all that much other housework.

Other than the blog — which is well ahead — I didn’t get much done over the break that I really wanted to do while I was in my busy streak. That being said, I’m content with what I got done, as a lot of what I did get done was more useful or beneficial. As an example, watching Charmed would have taken me about four months in my regular schedule, and I’m not sure that I would have been able to take it for that long, but at least now I can say that I finished it. And the other things can be done once I go back to work as well.

Overall, it was an okay vacation.

The tradition continues …

December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the reader of this blog.

Don’t you mean the readers?

Nope, WordPress still says it’s pretty much just the one.

(Note: the second part of this tradition — my actual stats — should be out around New Year’s, WordPress permitting.)

Vacation Status …

December 21, 2016

So, I’ve been off on vacation for a few weeks, and am pretty much just past the half-way point. As usual, I had a lot of things that I wanted to get done going in. How am I doing?

The first thing to note is I set a schedule with rough precise times for doing things … and that schedule is completely blown. There are a number of reasons for this. Curling interrupted it for the first week. Snow interrupted a few days. I started watching “Charmed” and other things which cut into the time for other things. The weather wasn’t great and so cut into my schedule outdoor exercise (walking). While the very rough outline of the schedule still works — stuff in the morning, lunch, stuff in the afternoon, quit for the day — in general what was supposed to be happening there, well, isn’t.

This means that I haven’t accomplished much of what I wanted to do.

So have I done anything useful? Well, I did manage to get ahead in blog posts. I also managed to finish reading and commenting on the Hugo Awards (watch for those to come out on Mondays until mid-January). I finished “Knights of the Fallen Empire”. I’m currently on Season 5 of Charmed — watch for comments on the first four seasons to come out right after New Year’s — which is great because if I tried to watch the entire series in my projected available time once I get back to work it would have taken me almost four months. I played Legendary — the card game — twice. I got some walks. I mostly cooked enough for the week every week. I got in my Christmas shopping run (that’s when I got Charmed).

So, then, what’s likely to not get done? I was looking at doing some little programming projects, playing with RAGS and other things. But I don’t think I have the time to get anything useful done before the end of my vacation, and that was the main point of putting a push on that over my vacation. I’ve also not really played video games over my vacation, and so likely won’t finish two runs of Bloodlines, if I even finish one. Right now my fear of having to go through repetitive combat is making me nervous about playing it. I may or may not move on to another game.

So, finally, what’s left? I want to keep pushing to get ahead on the blog, and finish up a few things, like my comments on “Unapologetic” and the latest two videos from Anita Sarkeesian. You won’t see them until mid-January, however. I also wanted to do some writing in terms of short fiction, one of which is a fan fiction, and I still hope to get those done by the end of my vacation. I’d also like to play three other board games — Star Wars Rebellion, A Touch of Evil, and Albion’s Legacy — by the time I go back. And I’d like to be almost finished “Charmed”.

So, so far, so okay. We’ll see how the rest of it goes.

I Hate Vacation …

December 7, 2016

So, I have a long vacation coming up. It wasn’t supposed to be that long, but work pressures caused me to move some scheduled vacation in November to December, when things were calmer. Which just reminds of how much I hate vacation.

No, I don’t mean that I hate being on vacation. I am not so attached to my job that I wouldn’t rather not be there when given the chance. And right now, because things have been so busy, there are are a lot of things that I haven’t had the time to do that I really want to do. Like play Knights of the Fallen Empire, Bloodlines, and maybe something else. Like do some writing. Like do some little programming projects, maybe even learning this new thing that’s supposed to come to work next year. I’ve been busy enough at work that I’m both tired of it and tired of not being able to do the things that I want to do. So actually being off is a good thing.

But I have enough vacation and enough work to do that scheduling vacation is always an issue.

So, I’ve worked out this year, and not quite in the way I wanted, but it will do. So I take this vacation and then, when I get back … I have to start thinking about when to take vacation again. I’ll probably want to do something in the spring, but that will depend on what I’m working on and when things are due. Which I don’t know yet. I’ve looked at the releases and so have a rough idea of what might work, but then again due to deadlines I might get a project for an off-release, like I did right now, which will change that. I don’t really want to take vacation in the summer, and I don’t really only want to take a week’s vacation — I tried that this summer and it didn’t work that well for me — so that means finding some 2 week, at least, blocks.

I don’t want to have to think that much about my vacation, but my manager refuses to just schedule it for me. So it’s left up to me. As I’ve noted before, managing my vacation is like an RTS, but without anything that makes it fun while you’re playing it. So it’s like an RTS where the fun only happens after you’ve finished playing the game for a month or so.

Anyway, I’ll work it out. I always do. But it’s an annoyance that most people wish they had. Which is why they’ll never have that annoyance.

All my scheduled games are PC now.

November 30, 2016

(Loosely to the tune of “All My Rowdy Friends” by Hank Williams Jr.)

All my scheduled games are PC now
That I can only really play in the middle room
So I can’t really play while watchin’ TV
While sitting in the living room

I myself have seen my console days
And those games are still at the top of the page
When I need to find a game just to play around
But none of them are scheduled right now
And all my scheduled games are PC now

And I think I could play a Persona game
But I’ve got too many games from Good Old Games
So many that I can’t keep ’em straight

And even though I’m home more these days
See none of them are scheduled right now
And all my scheduled games are PC now

And the leftovers annoy more then they used to
And Bloodlines and TOR took the place of Wii and PS4
And it seems like I really don’t do things quite like I used to do
And none of those are scheduled right now
And all scheduled games are PC now

Yeah, I think I could play Fatal Frame
But those Good Old Games don’t cost a lot of cash
Don’t crash like they did back in 2008

And right now I’m a Toreador playin’ in L.A.
And none of those games are scheduled now
‘Cause all my scheduled games are PC now

It’s Magic …

November 23, 2016

Dinner, it turns me upside down
Dinner, dinner, dinner
It’s like a merry go round
I see it under the midnight
All steamers and bowls
High pans with the meat a sizzlin’
A tempermental glow

Oh, think it’s time to go
Oh, I’m gonna have some spoo
I’m gonna have some spoo
I’m gonna have some spoo tonight
Oh, I’m gonna have some spoo
I’m gonna have some spoo (I’m gonna have some spoo)
I’ll check

(Oh oh it’s magic) when I eat spoo (oh oh it’s magic)
(Oh oh it’s magic) just a little magic
You know it’s true
I’m gonna have some spoo

Oh, twisted under sideways down
I know I’m getting twisted
And I can’t calm down
I see it under the midnight
Love darts in my eyes
How far can I take it?
‘Till I realize
There’s magic in my eyes

I’m gonna have some spoo
I’m gonna have some spoo
I’m gonna have some spoo tonight
I’m gonna have some spoo
I’m gonna have some spoo
(I’m gonna have some spoo) yeah, yeah, uh

(Oh oh, it’s magic)
Oh oh, when I have spoo
(Oh oh, it’s magic)
Just a little bit of the magic
Pulls me through
I’m gonna have some spoo

I’m gonna have some spoo
I’m gonna have some spoo
(I’m gonna have some spoo)
Just try, it’s magic
(Oh oh, it’s magic)
Oh oh, it’s magic
When I eat spoo (oh oh, it’s magic)

Just a little bit of magic inside of you (Oh oh, it’s magic)

Just a little bit of magic
That’s true, when I eat spoo
(Oh oh, it’s magic)
(It gotta be magic)
Your magic pulls me through
Oh oh, it’s magic
(Oh oh, it’s magic)