Philosophy and Popular Culture

Vampires, Zombies and Philosophy – Open Court
Sherlock Holmes and Philosophy – Open Court
Batman and Philosophy – Blackwell
Supervillains and Philosophy – Open Court
Dungeons and Dragons and Philosophy – Blackwell
Doctor Strange and Philosophy – Blackwell
Star Wars and Philosophy – Open Court
Star Trek and Philosophy – Open Court
X-Men and Philosophy – Blackwell
Spider-Man and Philosophy – Blackwell
The Avengers and Philosophy – Blackwell
Battlestar Galactica and Philosophy – Open Court

2 Responses to “Philosophy and Popular Culture”

  1. Superhuman Ethics Class with the Avengers Prime « The Verbose Stoic Says:

    […] essay from “The Avengers and Philosophy”, which just happens to be next on the list of my Philosophy and Popular Culture books, which is “Superhuman Ethics Class with the Avengers Prime” by Mark D. White, which is […]

  2. Criticizing Fiction … | The Verbose Stoic Says:

    […] philosophical analysis of the work, and look at what the philosophical implications of it are. The Philosophy and Popular Culture works do this sort of analysis. Here, you pull out the philosophical issues, but those issues don’t […]

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