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Gonna do some writing …

November 8, 2020

So on my recent vacation I sat down and redid my schedule.  And one of the big things that I wanted to add to it was some time to write some fiction.  I’ve been meaning to write for, well, many, many years and rarely managed to do it.  They say that the best way to get good at writing is to do lots of it, and I do very little.  I also have a lot of ideas running around in my head and would like to get some of them out there.  So I really wanted to put it onto my schedule.

So, it’s set for Sunday afternoons.  What I’m going to try to do is sit down and write for a couple of hours and get some stuff down.  What I’m starting with is a rough horror-type story referencing some horror stuff I’ve been watching, divided up into chapters.  There is an overarching story to it.  I don’t know how that’s going to wrap up yet.  I also plan on simply writing it out and doing minimal editing on it.  So I might write myself into a bit of a corner that I’d have to address the best I can (I can already see one issue that I may not be able to address).  But what’s good about this is that I have no real attachment to this.  If I write it and people like it … well, as Shamus Young says, that’s your problem.  If people don’t like it, then it’s practice.

A story won’t come out every week (in fact, I’ve been trying to write this post for two weeks already [grin]).  But by posting it publicly I’ve given myself some extra reason to stick to it.  I am pretty much immune to peer pressure, however, so it isn’t that much extra reason.  So we’ll see how it works.

More on that Accomplishment Thing

April 12, 2019

Well, another two months, and so another update on how this is going.

DVDs and TV shows continue to be the stars of this. I’m almost finished Season 3 of Voyager (watch for comments on the first three seasons soon) after having finished Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter. I also finished GI Joe, Star Trek the Animated Series, and Daria, and am on Season 3 of 2 Broke Girls. I’m on pace to finish both in the next couple of months which will let me move on to other things. I’ve also managed to watch some movies and get those off my plate. So it’s going quite well.

Reading is going all right as well. My pace is slower than I’d like — I’m currently reading a Thrawn book and have had a couple of recent days when I’ve read two pages maybe — but I’m still getting through things. That Thrawn book is the last thing I want to get through before turning to classic literature, and while I have a couple of history books that I was trying to get through first I’ve stopped because I really want to get started on those other works.

Video games went better but have now crashed out completely. I finished Sunrider Academy and started playing Knights of Pen and Paper, but work has gotten extremely busy which pretty much kills any time I had to play video games. I’ve poked around a bit with the retro games but in general have better things to do than play video games, and was having trouble deciding what game to play anyway. I’ll have to see if things change once work settles down.

And projects went terribly. I’ve made starts on a couple of things but haven’t started on the AI stuff I wanted to do. This is despite the fact that doing these things is officially in my schedule even when I’m busy. I’ve still spent more time playing video games despite that not being on my schedule. So this is something that I really need to work on.

However, I have kept up with the blog and am even settling into a better routine, and with the “Philosophy and Pop Culture” posts always have some philosophy in a week, which is good.

So, why is it that DVDs and reading work so well while everything else doesn’t? Well, it’s because I always watch TV to settle down before going to sleep. Thus, I always have some time carved out to watch DVDs. And since I read while watching TV, that gives me a set time to read as well. This time isn’t vulnerable to distractions because I’m not going to do anything else that evening and anything else that I want to do I can do while watching. So they’re the only things that get a set and consistent amount of time each week. And if things get a little busier or things take longer than I thought, I’ll still have some time set aside to watch something. So not only are they at convenient times in the schedule, they’re also more flexible.

With projects and video games, I not only need to set aside time to do them, in order to make any real progress I have to dedicate significant time to them. If I have an hour, I can watch three half-hour shows, but am not going to make any programming or writing progress. I might be able to squeeze a blog post in. If things take longer than I expected or I get distracted, then that will kill that session for those things. When I get busy, that only makes it worse as I have less time to do them in the first place, which only makes it easier for me to end up in a position where I don’t really have the time to do them when I was supposed to.

I’m going to try to make more of an effort with projects in the next couple of months, although I won’t for video games. We’ll see if this makes a difference.

New story …

March 27, 2017

So, last year Malcolm the Cynic put out a call for stories for a King Arthur anthology called “Tales of the Once and Future King”. Since I have some interest in writing, I mused about writing something for it. However, I misread the word count, and thought that it had to be between 500 – 1000 words instead of between 500 – 10000 words, which would have left out most of my original ideas; I am, as noted, fairly verbose. But since I can’t turn my mind off, I started musing about ideas for something shorter that might fit into that word count, and came up with an idea. But I didn’t do it for the anthology, for two reasons:

1) I read after that it was aimed at the juvenile market, and while I thought the idea would work I didn’t really want to get involved with that.

2) I was insanely busy at the time and so didn’t even have the time to prepare something.

But the idea remained in my head, and now that I’m trying to make an effort to add writing back into my schedule I decided that a good way to start would be to finally write the story down. The story is in its own page here. As it turns out, WordPress says that it comes in at slightly under 500 words, but I don’t really see how adding more here would make it more interesting, so I’m leaving it at that.

Enjoy! Or not. It’s totally up to you.

Stories, fanfic, and so on …

January 21, 2011

Okay, so let me restate my intentions on all of this stuff:

I intend to do more stories and fanfic on this blog.  It’ll be a nice break from my philosophical and theological ramblings and also give me an excuse and forum to do it.

Right now, though, I’m too busy to actually do it without driving myself insane.

So, the long and short of it is:  you’ll get some stuff, but I can’t say when.

But you’ll get one of my old short stories now, while you wait: