Why “Pretty Little Liars”?

So, if you’ve been following my list of TV shows to watch you’ll note that the show that I’m going to watch next is “Pretty Little Liars”. So how did I come to pick up a show like that to watch? Let me try to outline how that happened.

(Note that I’m writing this before I’ve watched an episode, but by the time it’s published I should be through over half of the first season).

Anyway, what happened was I was browsing in HMV — which still existed at the time — and noticed a DVD cover with four young women in what would be described as sexier or skimpier outfits. And so my thought was “Heh, heh, jiggle show!”, essentially a show driven in large part by attractive women dressing and acting sexy. Out of curiosity, I picked it up to see what it was about … and the premise actually sounded interesting, with a clique falling apart after the disappearance of their leader and then later someone sends them a message threatening to reveal their secrets. This reminded me a bit of “Reunion”, which I had been enjoying until it was cancelled. So I thought that if I could get it relatively cheap, then I’d buy and watch it, and so kept my eye on it as time went on and the series proceeded to its conclusion.

The show also, as it turns out, has other similarities to “Reunion”. In that show, part of the draw was that it starred Chyler Leigh, who was an actress that I liked. This one stars Lucy Hale, whom I liked in “Truth or Dare”. It also has Holly Marie Combs in a supporting role, and she’s one of my favourite actresses. So after I found that out and found out that the show was complete, it went from being something I kept an eye on to something that I was looking to get if it ever fell to a reasonable price point. But it was always far too expensive for me to take a chance on it.

So, recently, I was browsing in Walmart, and they had the complete series for a decent price, about $1 – $2 per hour. So I picked it up, and having just finished rewatching “The World at War” decided to skip over my other shows and just give it a try now. So that’s what I’m going to do. Maybe it will be good. Maybe it will be terrible. But at least — and at last — I’m gonna find out.

Stay tuned.

5 Responses to “Why “Pretty Little Liars”?”

  1. Tom Says:

    If I’m understanding you right, you only watch DVDs? You don’t watch through streaming?

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