So, this is where I talk about me, I guess.

My name is Allan Cybulskie.

I guess you could describe me as over-educated, or it might sound better to say “excessively educated”.  This is because taking university courses and degrees seems to be my hobby.  As a former professor of mine once said, it seems that I’m addicted to taking courses, but at least it’s a benign addiction.  To which I quipped that it’s also tax deductible.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, and I actually use that one since I work as a software designer.  I also took most of a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy part-time, but then jumped from that to start a Master’s Degree in Philosophy part-time, which I’ve completed.  I also started a Bachelor’s Degree in Cognitive Science part-time as a poor replacement for a PhD in that field.  I have no idea what I’ll be doing next and even next year, but I’ll be doing something.  History and Classics are on the list.  A co-worker of mine suggested Physics, but I simply don’t have the math skills for that degree.

I also like to read, play video games, and write, both non-fiction and fiction.  I don’t get the time or energy I’d like for writing, to tell you the truth.

Which, BTW, is one of the main reasons for this blog.  It’s to give me an outlet for all the ideas that spin around in my head so that hopefully I can stop thinking about them at some point.  I’ve found that if I write things out — like for essays or assignments — I stop turning them over and over and over in my mind, and a blog let’s me write something down that others can see and hopefully enjoy without my feeling that it’s a waste of time.

I can be reached using my Gmail account with the handle “verbosestoic”.

So, all that said, I hope you enjoy the blog.

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