The List of Stories

I’m going to use this page to provide a one-stop shop for all the stories I’ve written, as some of them might end up as posts which might make them difficult to find.

A fanfic of the Birds of Prey TV series that I wrote quite a while ago and then stuck up on the blog.  It probably won’t ever be continued unless people demand it:

Birds of Prey 1: The Hand of the Wolverine

A Star Wars fanfic I wrote a while ago after watching the prequel series:

Star Wars:  Heir to the Exile

I was supposed to start writing a sequel to it tying back to the KoTOR games, but never got around to it.  That is still on my list, though, so I’ll link the page that was going to track that here:

Star Wars:  Inheritance of the Old Republic

A short story that I wrote inspired by the Ace of Base song of the same name:

Waiting For Magic …

A story that I wrote after being inspired by an Arthurian writing contest from malcolmthecynic that wouldn’t have fit in there in terms of words or in terms of audience, but it was short so I wrote it anyway and stuck it up here without ever submitting it:

Generation Gap

A couple of Firefly fanfics:

Firefly:  Fly in Amber
Firefly:  Yes, There ARE Aliens

A story inspired by my reading “Taming of the Shrew” where I tried to write a story that was less problematic but still had a taming:

The Shrew Shall Be Tamed

A short horror story in segments:

Shadow of Death 1
Shadow of Death 2

A “Pretty Little Liars”-inspired idea, so inspired by it that it probably counts as fan fiction.  I came up with a couple of ideas for it while taking my morning walk — including the non-standard format — and worked it out in my head.  Unlike “Shadow of Death”,  I have some segments worked out for it but don’t really know where it’s going, so it might never be finished:

I in the Sky 1
I in the Sky 2

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