To all the games I’ve ditched before …

To all the games I’ve ditched before,
That now sit on my closet floor,
Was sad to move along,
I dedicate this song,
To all the games I’ve ditched before.

Sadly, there’ve been a number of games over the years that I simply never finished.  Well, actually, most of the games I’ve played I’ve never finished.  I’m going to make a series of posts talking about the biggest ones, the ones that stand out either because I never even started them, or I really did want to finish them and never did, or I really do think they deserved better from me.

I’ll divide it into three parts: the PS2 (up first), the PC, and everything else.  Yes, Virginia, there were games and gaming systems other than and before the PS2 and PC, and I’ve played some of them.

The PS2 is actually the only system where I don’t just have to rely on my memory; I have every game for that stuck into my closet and so can just drag ’em out and say “Wish I’d actually played that game”.  And, of course, I can find the ones that are still in shrink wrap.  For the PC, I have some of that but those games are all over the place, so my memory will be the main driver.  And, of course, for older systems — some of which I don’t have anymore — my memory is all I have.

Note that there may still be a happy ending for some of the games I’ll talk about.  I bought Persona 3 when it came out and never bothered to load the game, until several months later when I had an exceptionally long Christmas vacation and decided to give it a try.  It became one of my favourite games ever and probably a game that I’ve put the most time into.  So, someday, I may play some of these again, might finish them, and give them the attention they deserve.

Someday …

3 Responses to “To all the games I’ve ditched before …”

  1. Gil Says:

    I know where you’re coming from man. I have many a game waiting for completion. There are even some still fully protected in a factory seal. it’s sad really but it seems that as I get older, I have more games yet less time to finish them. I kinda preferred the childhood schedule with more time and less games 😦

  2. verbosestoic Says:

    Yeah, I’ve got games in shrinkwrap, too.

    That’s an interesting point about the difference between childhood and adulthood here. When I was younger, I only bought what I really wanted, because it cost so much for me to get one game. Now that I’m older and have a steady job, the money isn’t as big a deal so I can buy something just because it sounds interesting. But then I don’t have the time to play them all.

    That being said, I’ve finished far more games in the 14 years I’ve been working than in the 18 years where I was playing but didn’t have a job, and most of the games I’ve finished I’ve finished in that 14 year span. So maybe that’s not as big a factor as I thought.

  3. I’m Doing it Again … « The Verbose Stoic Says:

    […] As you all know, I have a slight problem finishing or sticking with games. I even dedicated myself to finishing some of them and managed to finish Shadow Hearts: Covenant for a grand total of two games finished this year. Which is better than my previous rate. […]

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