I’m Doing it Again …

As you all know, I have a slight problem finishing or sticking with games. I even dedicated myself to finishing some of them and managed to finish Shadow Hearts: Covenant for a grand total of two games finished this year. Which is better than my previous rate.

The latest problem started when I was poking around with a couple of games and then re-upped to CoH. I decided to try “The Witcher 2” while keeping CoH as a background game. Then I found “Dragon Age: Origins” and, being disappointed with “The Witcher”, moved on to it. Then I got busy, and so left DA: O for a while. By the time I’d gotten back to it, I discovered that I’d missed one of the characters I wanted to recruit — Leiliani — and was at a Fade portion that didn’t appeal to me. I also picked up “Catherine” and “Enchanted Arms”, and since “Catherine” is by the same guys who did the Persona games and is similar, I wanted to start playing that one, so I moved on from DA:O to it. But “Catherine” is a game that replaces the combat with a puzzle system that’s really hard, and where I end up retrying again and again to beat a level (on the plus side, since I’m on the ultra easy mode I now have about 80 continues left [grin]). Because it takes so many retries to get to the interesting section — the story part — which is worse than the Personas ever were, this isn’t a game that I can play for an hour or two in the evening without either going well overtime — since you can’t save in the middle of a block puzzle — or getting absolutely nowhere. So that can’t be my main; maybe I can play it Saturday night or Sunday afternoon or something

In addition, I was browsing on TVTropes, and found my way to Dating Sims. And then found “Record of Agarest War”. And found “Zero”. And it sounds just like my type of game. And it comes with a soundtrack in the Limited Edition. I’m a sucker for soundtracks. I also grabbed “Disgaea 3” (despite not having finished 2 yet), “Folklore” (even the duplication sounds cool to me, and it was cheap), and “Cross Edge”. So all of these go on the list. And I’ve been looking at getting a new version of “The Sims”. That’s one long list.

So, I have to completely rework what I’m going to play when. I’ll be doing that over the next few days and you can sing along.

I get far too distracted by shiny objects …

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