I’m sorry, BG II …

So, on June 30, I said that despite disliking Baldur’s Gate, I was going to give Baldur’s Gate II a try.  I planned out my party so that I could create a pair of my own characters with an interlinked history, and still take the characters I wanted later, after running through all the histories in the FAQs on Gamefaqs.  I was prepared.

So, I started the game, played part of the first dungeon … and actually liked it.  I was enjoying myself.  I stopped playing for the night …

… And haven’t loaded it since.  For about two months.

Baldur’s Gate II, I apologize.  You deserve better than that.  You’re not Baldur’s Gate which at its best left me with “It’s okay” and at it’s worst frustrated me to no end.  No, at your best I was at least having fun and at your worst I was “Meh”.  You don’t deserve the silent treatment for 2 months.  Or, at least, you haven’t so far.  It’s not your fault that I decided to take a run at the two X-Men Legends games and the first MUA instead.  It’s not you, it’s me.

Unfortunately, I’m not sorry enough to, you know, actually play you.  I’ll probably download the full Sam and Max from Telltale Games and play that instead.

But I’m still thinking of you.


One Response to “I’m sorry, BG II …”

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