Trunk Diary: Kagath

The Kagath on Corellia proved that Thanaton is the exact sort of Sith that I hated and want to do away with.

My plan for Corellia was to help put down the Resistance that had spawned after we took it over.  This was a great way to build reputation, gain resources, and ultimately help the Empire.  As such, I took a lot of time helping out Darth Charnus, helping out overwhelmed forces and working with their inside man to make Corellia ours.  I ended up successful at that, got the support of Darth Charnus, and was hailed as a hero of Corellia.  Yeah, it was a lot of effort and in theory it could have been a distraction, but it was both worth it and what I should do.  There was no reason for me to sacrifice the interests of the Empire for this thing.  At least I would have had to avoid hurting it in opposing Thanaton, and as I’ve said I was able to help it and get benefits for myself and for the Empire from this stupid contest.

Thanaton, of course, didn’t see it the same way.  I tried to only oppose his forces when they were directly opposing me and to preserve as much of those forces as I could to help the fight on Corellia.  Thanaton constantly attacked resources that the Empire needed in an attempt to get at me, such as trying to destroy refueling stations just so that my fleet couldn’t refuel and attacking needed Imperial forces just because they were allied with me.  He didn’t care about anything other than winning his “feud” with me … a feud that he didn’t even need, in a contest that he didn’t need to start.  That doesn’t seem very smart, now does it?

But here a main character trait of Thanaton — and a lot of Sith — was revealed:  he was obsessed with clever plans and convinced that he and his plans were just so much more clever than anyone else.  He crowed about attacking the forces of Moff Pyron and even though I managed to save a lot of them he taunted me about not being able to protect them as if he had pulled off a major coup.  That, of course, completely ignored the fact that I had killed off a lot of his forces as well, but of course he had more to spare.  But that meant that his wonderful plan wasn’t, in fact, all that clever anyway.  In fact, it was doing the obvious.  The big difference between us was that he had a lot more resources to throw at me and while I was more mobile I also had to do far more things directly myself which would leave me overstretched.  So obviously he was going to try to use his extra resources to wipe my smaller ones out and I was going to have to do impressive things to gain new support while protecting my own.  So that I killed off a lot of his forces wasn’t impressive, but that I managed to save some of mine and gain some new support was.  He patted himself on the back for doing the obvious and failing at it.  He wasn’t as clever as he thought he was.

And as it turns out he wasn’t what he thought he was in other ways, as proven when we had the final showdown.  He had hoped that all of his actions would impress the Sith and delegates he invited, but he didn’t even impress his own followers, the two apprentices of his that I spared (one with the Silencer, one here on Corellia).  This meant that we had to fight it out.  He sent some cyborgs against me that I defeated, so he had to attack me himself, and he failed.  Instead of conceding and ending the Kagath he ran off to try to convince the Dark Council to do what he couldn’t, which is not part of the Kagath.  One of the reasons he gives for hating me and hating Zash is how we break with tradition, but he’s perfectly willing to break with tradition when it suits him.  He is, thus, the worst kind of Sith:  one who is only interested in himself and cares about nothing else, and uses anything they can get to do that, not caring about what it means to the things they proclaim to care about.

That being said, I have to go to Drumond Kaas, just in case the Dark Council can’t see through his lies.


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