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Halcyon Diary: What Could Go Wrong?

February 6, 2023

So after arriving on Coruscant with T7, I met with a Republic general, where it was revealed that they were working on a superweapon called the “Planet Prison”, and what the name pretty much says what it does:  it locks down a planet using ionized energy that would disrupt any electronics.  So of course they were researching it on a planet that would be exceptionally vulnerable to it and if traffic in and out was disrupted it would have a huge impact on the entire Republic as opposed to some out of the way planet where that would be minimal.  And even more of course, they lost control of it, and I was sent to deal with it, first by tracking down some schematics they’d stolen, and then tracking down the scientist who was the head of the project to prevent his information from falling into the wrong hands.  Well, it turns out that the information was already in the wrong hands, because the guy they thought of as Doctor Tarnis was really a Sith who had infiltrated the project to get it into the hands of the Empire.  I had to kill him, but he was talking to his father Darth Angral at the time and his father was … unhappy that I killed him, and swore revenge against me for, well, killing someone who was going to lock down an entire planet possibly killing billions and who was trying to kill me at the time.

Sith are so emo.

Coruscant also had its own issues, with the criminal empire Black Sun and an aging infrastructure.  Black Sun was intimidating the locals and was even booby trapping supply crates to blow them up for … some reason.  It was a joy taking them down, even if I hadn’t had to deal with them back in my CorSec days.  As for the infrastructure, I had to head into one of the older and lower levels with a bunch of machines — that one crazy guy thought were sentient — that needed to be fixed.  It turned out that I was doing that, in part, because of another bunch of machines — these ones were actually sentient — that were trying to fix things to help the Senate, but the Senator who was in charge of them couldn’t understand what they were saying.  I was surprised, since while they slid in a number of colour words in odd places it was pretty easy to figure out what they meant given the context.  I guess that just proves that politicians aren’t all that bright.

After that, we found that the signal was coming from Ord Mantell, and a Padawan that I first met on Tython came along to help us.  Kira did a good job tracking signals and doing some hacking on Coruscant. and while I’d had to bail her out of trouble once other than being a bit impulsive she could pretty much handle herself, so I didn’t mind her tagging along.  And yes, she’s attractive, but as a Jedi I’m above such concerns.  As a man, well, I’m not as much above such concerns as I’d like.

Anyway, T7 and I went on to investigate the lead, but when we returned Kira had been captured by another Sith, who wanted her alive for some reason.  They didn’t want me alive, though, and so the only option was to kill them and free Kira on my own.

That they wanted her specifically alive for some reason makes me suspicious.  Yeah, I’m naturally a suspicious person, but there was no reason given for why they’d want her alive.  She didn’t have more information than I or others had.  She wasn’t more important than myself or others.  She didn’t have any unique skills, Force or otherwise.  So why were they so interested in her?  It didn’t make sense, and I don’t like it when things don’t make sense.

Halcyon Diary: Luxury Cruise

January 30, 2023

After being made a Jedi Knight,  I was told to head to Coruscant to root out the new darkness that the Council sensed.  I was routed to the Republic Fleet, and when I started to take the normal shuttle, I was told that the Council had arranged for a seat on a more luxury transport instead if I wanted to take that.  Well, that got both my Force and CorSec senses tingling.  Obviously, my Force senses just gave me a vague feeling that something important was going to happen.  But my CorSec senses were telling me that the Jedi Council weren’t in the business of giving new Jedi Knights a luxurious trip to Coruscant, no matter how impressive that Jedi Knight is.  So for them to do something like this, they themselves had to be feeling something in the Force, whether conscious or unconscious.  Either that, or they had some intelligence that something was going to happen and as usual weren’t inclined to share it, especially with a new recruit to the Order.  Knowing them, probably both, actually.  At any rate, all of that put together suggested that this wasn’t going to be a simple, pleasant trip to the Republic capital.

It didn’t take long for the catch to appear, as an Imperial Dreadnought attacked, demanding a Republic diplomat who was traveling on board and landing troops to try to capture her.  Fortunately, she’d made contact with me earlier and so we were able to put together a plan to retake the bridge and kick the Imps out.  Once we got to Engineering, however, she came up with a plan to unlock the controls we needed that would vent that section and kill everyone there.  I, of course, didn’t want to do that and so took the slightly longer option of running around and turning off various generators manually.  It might have taken slightly longer and might have been a bit more risky, but it’s never a good idea to kill off … well, to ever kill off your own guys, but especially not the ones who were giving you the ideas that you were using to retake the ship in the first place.  Even pragmatics dictates that you keep them alive in case you need their knowledge again.  So our diplomat seemed to be pretty short-sighted.

Of course, she wasn’t the only short-sighted one.  After getting to the bridge, we heard the formal demands and weren’t about to hand her over to the Imperials, so I decided that I was going to get on-board the Imperial ship and disable the tractor beam that was holding us in place.  That seems like something a Jedi should do.  The diplomat pushed her way into coming along with me based on some theoretical knowledge she had about the ships, which didn’t make up for the fact that we were taking the very person the Imps wanted to get on their ship, well, onto their ship.  But it suited the Republic officer in charge fine, because he suggested that I just leave her there and get back so that the Imps wouldn’t bother chasing us.

Again, short-sighted.  After we went through all that trouble to not give her up, just giving her up didn’t make sense, and the Imps would be more likely to just blow us out of space — and would have nothing better to do since they’d have her in custody than chase us to blow us out of space.  If I could find a way to stop them from chasing us, we wouldn’t need to hand her over, and if I couldn’t, handing her over wouldn’t help us anyway.  Of course, simply handing her over to the Empire wasn’t the right thing to do, especially if I was going to have to betray her to do it.  As we went along, I told her what he had planned but forestalled a lot of her indignation by pointing out that she was going to sacrifice a bunch of people for herself, too.  That’s what fear can do to people.

Anyway, I managed to disable the tractor beam and get everyone back to the ship, and we jumped away.  The ship didn’t follow, so we got away pretty much clean, and the confrontation between the diplomat and the Republic officer was resolved without blaster shots or even bruises, so I have to consider the whole thing a success.  I only hope that what the diplomat does was worth the trouble.

If a short trip to Coruscant had that much drama, what was I going to face where the Jedi Council had explicitly sensed darkness?

Halcyon Diary: Tython

January 23, 2023

So this is Tython.

I caught a shuttle to Tython to begin my Jedi training.  It’s a nice planet.  Maybe a bit too nice for intense training, but then again meditation is a big part of the training and those natural vistas would certainly promote the feelings of peace and centering needed for good meditation.

Well, it would if it wasn’t for the blaster shots happening in the background.

It turns out that some native creatures called “Flesh Raiders” were attacking the compound, and I was asked to help out.  I took the time to change into my Jedi uniform and equip the two lightsabers that were part of my heritage, one with a silver colour crystal and one with a magenta one.  This, of course, made me stand out from the other padawans who had training weapons and more simple robes, but I wanted to reflect the tradition of my family.  Some might criticize me for showing off or having too much pride, but I was willing to take that chance.

Because at least I wasn’t an idiot about things like revenge.

I went out to deal with the Flesh Raider attack and rescue some other students, and found some of them there but one was injured … and one wanted to head out and kill Flesh Raiders.  All by herself.  When her first encounter with them was a disaster.  I had combat training from CorSec and Jedi training from what had been left for me, so I was able to handle them, and I’d proven that I could handle them in getting to the students in the first place.  They didn’t have that training and had proven that they weren’t capable of handling the Flesh Raiders, but wanted to do it anyway.  Maybe vengeance really does make Jedi stupid.

It turns out that a Force sensitive named Caleff was helping them, on the orders of someone else.  I stopped him but then had to seek out my new Master Orgus Dinn and the head of the order Satele Shan to address this.  While much of the Jedi Council relocated to Tython after the attack on Coruscant, it certainly seemed like a big deal if the head of the Order was involved.

Of course, the next step was pretty prosaic:  help out a local Twi’lek village that the Jedi had been happily ignoring, even against Flesh Raiders, until it seemed related to this issue.  So then they sent me to investigate the attacks and try to patch up relations with the village.  Yeah, you know things are bad when I get sent to do diplomacy.  Anyway, I met their ailing Matriarch and dealt with some of their issues, and then when I returned the Matriarch was dead and her daughter was in charge.  They seemed to be happier with my approach to them, because I didn’t lecture them on the ways of peace and was more concerned with just doing things.  Yeah, that’s the standard complaint against the Jedi:  all talk, no action.  But some of the stories I’d heard from CorSec hinted that when the Jedi acted that often was worse.  Maybe they needed someone like me who was biased towards action but as a duty and part of the job rather than as a reaction to something bad happening or to a judgement that their enemies were immoral.

Speaking of which, the Flesh Raiders had been protecting their camp with an energy field, which was beyond their technical knowledge.  Turns out that a Dark Jedi who was a former Padawan of Orgus was behind it as part of a plan to destroy the Jedi Order.  After finding some more Flesh Rider bases and after I took one of them out, I returned to the village only to get drugged and captured by them.  It turns out that that Dark Jedi had threatened them and made a deal that they’d be safe from him if they turned Orgus over to him.  The daughter wanted to make sure I was left alive but some of the others didn’t want that, so I ended up killing them but leaving her alive.  I wasn’t happy about it, but I could understand them feeling threatened by a Dark Jedi and feeling that this was the simpler way to deal with it.  Fortunately, I’d found a T7 unit that could find Orgus, and so we set off to find him.  I was happy that the T7 unit wanted to join up with me, as I’d had a partnership with one back in CorSec.  I had to leave him behind when I left CorSec to train as a Jedi, and this one made me miss him a bit less.  Yeah, yeah, I know that some would say that I was getting too attached to a droid, but they have personalities and their own quirks and are often more like people than some people I know.  This one hadn’t had a memory wipe for a while and so definitely had its own personality, which wasn’t like my old partner but was interesting and refreshing nonetheless.

We headed out to the Forge and took on the Dark Jedi, but he wasn’t a match for me and I ended up sparing him in the hopes that he could be returned to the Order.  But, again, it’s clear that there was someone else behind this, and so after being made a full Jedi Knight I took T7 and headed off to Coruscant to pick up the search there.

Halcyon Diary: Intro

January 16, 2023

My name is Koerran Halcyon, and I’m about to embark on what might be the greatest adventure of my life.

Okay, okay, that’s a bit melodramatic, yeah.  After all, I went through the CorSec Academy on Corellia and spent a long time hunting down criminals on that planet, which obviously can get rowdy.  A lot of people would consider that to be more than adventurous for one lifetime, thank you very much.  But I had to take it one step further and join the Jedi.

Yeah, yeah, I should have been with the Jedi a long time ago.  But my family were Force-sensitive and prominent back in Revan’s day, and so were still around when the purge happened after Revan took out the Star Forge.  Of course, the family was also pretty prominent in CorSec, and so unlike the others the members of the family that were too young or not Force-sensitive enough to be in the Order simply went underground on Corellia as normal.  Of course, the kids weren’t told about that history because, well, kids don’t always keep some things secret.  We were supposed to be told when things calmed down … but the ones who knew died before that, and didn’t get around to telling anyone.  So the secret was lost for quite some time.

But they left a record behind, hoping that one of us would find it eventually.  And since I’m an investigator and was bored while on vacation in the old family home, I was poking around and found it.  Maybe I was guided to it by the Force, because one of the reasons I started poking around with that was that I was having strange dreams about the Jedi wars and that time and wanted to take the time to process it, and going back home seemed the perfect place to do that.  So the fact that I definitely have some Force ability and found out now probably means something.

So, I practiced a bit on my own using the notes left behind, and found the old Jedi uniform and lightsabers of the last Jedi of my family.  I thought about it for a bit, and trained more, and thought about it more, and trained more, and then made my decision:  I was going to join the Jedi Order, train, and work with them to keep the peace in the galaxy, a peace needed more than ever before after the attack by the Empire and the tensions between them and the Republic.

Maybe it’ll be boring.  Maybe it’ll just be some good training and I’ll end up going back to my regular life.  One thing I know:  I’m not going to run into Revan again, so I should be able to avoid a purge.

Halcyon Diary: Slej!

January 9, 2023

So, I got a message for Doreau over in the Empire.  Not sure how she managed that given the state of war between the Republic and the Empire.  The long distance charges must have been insane.

Maybe that’s why she ended up asking me for money.  Well, actually, she didn’t ask me for money.  She asked me to give some money to some guy.  Said something about avoiding transfer fees or something, and said that she’d heard I’d picked up some money through my associating with Risha and so would have it to spare.

I wasn’t going to send my money to someone I didn’t know, though, so I got Risha to find some information on him.  Turns out that he used to be a cop, which is a plus for me.  He’s also a Jedi, which at least means that he’s not going to be a scum-sucking criminal.  He’s likely to be arrogant, though, as they all are.

Risha also went “Hubba hubba” when she saw his image, so I wonder if this is Doreau’s idea of hitting on him.  Figured she’d be better off just sending him her picture instead of credits, but everyone has their own way of making an approach.  At any rate, as long as I have enough credits to keep the ship running it wouldn’t bother me, and while Risha wouldn’t be happy since she wanted the credits to help her get back her throne I made it clear that she was going to have to do that on her own, maybe with her rich noble husband-to-be, so I figured “Why not?”.  I just typed in the amount that she listed and … sent him ten million credits?!?

He’d better do great things with that money, that’s all I’m saying.

Trunk Diary: Companions

January 2, 2023

The last thing to deal with is the fact that Khem Val and Darth Zash were still inhabiting the same body, and neither of them wanted that to continue.  They both asked me to help them with it, and I made non-committal mumblings about it but, really, didn’t care one way or the other.  Khem spent his entire time with me threatening to eat me, and even when he wasn’t doing that the fact that he wanted to eat pretty much everyone else made him more of a loose cannon than even Hamr was.  On the other hand, this all started because Zash wanted to take over my body and so was trying to betray me, which meant that if she stuck around she might well try again.

Anyway, Zash had found a ritual to do it and some kind of artifact box/prison that would suck one of them into it and leave the other in the body, and during the ritual both of them wanted me to support them … but I refused to support either.  I let the two of them fight it out, and the worst that could happen was that both of them would be lost … which wouldn’t bother me one bit.  Khem ultimately won out … and, surprisingly, wasn’t upset that I didn’t help him, and in fact thanked me for letting him win the battle on his own.  So, uh, you’re welcome?  I never expected that my not caring which of them won would win me his loyalty but, sure, I guess I’ll take it.

I’m sad to say that I don’t think my companions are an upgrade over Doreau and Hamr.  Well, it would be hard to do better than her, but I would have wanted to do better than Hamr.  The most stable members of my team are an Imperial Reclamation Service officer who’s okay but not as smart or competent as Doreau, and a former Jedi who has problems with pride and anger.  Then I have the pirate who is willing to kill anyone and loves to get revenge of people and solve things with his gun, which makes him pretty much Hamr but less fun.  Then there’s the apprentice who solves all his problems through violence but thinks I’m a god, and the creature that wants to eat people but is loyal to me … at least for now.

Sigh.  It’s definitely a motley crew, but I’ve dealt with that before.  Now, let’s see what more I can do for the Empire from my new position.

Trunk Diary: The End

December 26, 2022

I rushed to Dromund Kaas to confront Thanaton in front of the Dark Council.  He set up an ambush of some of his followers to at least delay me enough to get the Dark Council to side with him, but they didn’t delay me long.  And as it turns out, the Dark Council weren’t all that inclined to side with him either.  Some of them weren’t happy with a slave rising as far as I did, but they rather pointedly noted that for all his power and all his advantages and all his clever plans he hadn’t been able to kill me either, and the Sith are all about power and ability.  That he couldn’t defeat me suggested that I had more power and ability than he did, and that he had to run to them to appeal to them to use their power and ability against me really looked like him trying to use them to defeat an enemy that he couldn’t.  And if there’s one thing that Sith hate, it’s their power and ability being used not in service to their interests, but instead just to help someone else.  And unlike Thanaton, they didn’t care about me on whit.  So they wanted him to defeat me himself.

Which necessitated a fight, but it was already established that he couldn’t beat me in a fair fight.  So he tried some esoteric Sith technique, but it was for things like that that I picked up those Force Ghosts in the first place.  So it had no impact on me.  Ultimately, I killed him and ended the Kagath and his threat.  And then, despite my having been a slave, the Dark Council … offered me his spot on the Dark Council.

I’m not sure how I feel about this.  I wanted revenge against the Sith in general and to completely reform if not eliminate it, and yet at the end of it all I am a full representative of the Sith.  I want to support and be part of the Empire, not the Sith.  But I have to admit that here is the best place to be to influence both the Empire and the Sith.  I didn’t want the power, but I have it and maybe I can use it.  Maybe I can talk to Doreau and work with her to reform things the way we both want them to be.

After all that, I had to figure out what to do with the Force Ghosts I had accumulated.  Since I was going to still be dealing with Sith and Imperial politics, the extra power they could give me would be an asset.  But I had promised to free them after I was done with them, so that’s what I set out to do.  But at least one of them pointed out that they didn’t want to go back to haunting their tombs and wanted to move on, and so I followed a plan from the Jedi that had them be redeemed — or at least settle their issues — to become one with the Force.  Maybe this means that the Dark Side is of necessity worse and everyone should be good people … but then I think I lean Light Side anyway.  But this probably means that the sides are pointless, and it’s about what you do and what you want to do with the power.  I don’t know.  I’m not an expert in these things.  I’m just the guy who needed and used the power to free himself and so can’t think that power is bad but can’t think that using it to enslave people is good either.

There’s one more conflict to deal with, but it isn’t mine, and I’m not sure who I want to win.

Trunk Diary: Kagath

December 19, 2022

The Kagath on Corellia proved that Thanaton is the exact sort of Sith that I hated and want to do away with.

My plan for Corellia was to help put down the Resistance that had spawned after we took it over.  This was a great way to build reputation, gain resources, and ultimately help the Empire.  As such, I took a lot of time helping out Darth Charnus, helping out overwhelmed forces and working with their inside man to make Corellia ours.  I ended up successful at that, got the support of Darth Charnus, and was hailed as a hero of Corellia.  Yeah, it was a lot of effort and in theory it could have been a distraction, but it was both worth it and what I should do.  There was no reason for me to sacrifice the interests of the Empire for this thing.  At least I would have had to avoid hurting it in opposing Thanaton, and as I’ve said I was able to help it and get benefits for myself and for the Empire from this stupid contest.

Thanaton, of course, didn’t see it the same way.  I tried to only oppose his forces when they were directly opposing me and to preserve as much of those forces as I could to help the fight on Corellia.  Thanaton constantly attacked resources that the Empire needed in an attempt to get at me, such as trying to destroy refueling stations just so that my fleet couldn’t refuel and attacking needed Imperial forces just because they were allied with me.  He didn’t care about anything other than winning his “feud” with me … a feud that he didn’t even need, in a contest that he didn’t need to start.  That doesn’t seem very smart, now does it?

But here a main character trait of Thanaton — and a lot of Sith — was revealed:  he was obsessed with clever plans and convinced that he and his plans were just so much more clever than anyone else.  He crowed about attacking the forces of Moff Pyron and even though I managed to save a lot of them he taunted me about not being able to protect them as if he had pulled off a major coup.  That, of course, completely ignored the fact that I had killed off a lot of his forces as well, but of course he had more to spare.  But that meant that his wonderful plan wasn’t, in fact, all that clever anyway.  In fact, it was doing the obvious.  The big difference between us was that he had a lot more resources to throw at me and while I was more mobile I also had to do far more things directly myself which would leave me overstretched.  So obviously he was going to try to use his extra resources to wipe my smaller ones out and I was going to have to do impressive things to gain new support while protecting my own.  So that I killed off a lot of his forces wasn’t impressive, but that I managed to save some of mine and gain some new support was.  He patted himself on the back for doing the obvious and failing at it.  He wasn’t as clever as he thought he was.

And as it turns out he wasn’t what he thought he was in other ways, as proven when we had the final showdown.  He had hoped that all of his actions would impress the Sith and delegates he invited, but he didn’t even impress his own followers, the two apprentices of his that I spared (one with the Silencer, one here on Corellia).  This meant that we had to fight it out.  He sent some cyborgs against me that I defeated, so he had to attack me himself, and he failed.  Instead of conceding and ending the Kagath he ran off to try to convince the Dark Council to do what he couldn’t, which is not part of the Kagath.  One of the reasons he gives for hating me and hating Zash is how we break with tradition, but he’s perfectly willing to break with tradition when it suits him.  He is, thus, the worst kind of Sith:  one who is only interested in himself and cares about nothing else, and uses anything they can get to do that, not caring about what it means to the things they proclaim to care about.

That being said, I have to go to Drumond Kaas, just in case the Dark Council can’t see through his lies.

Trunk Diary: Allies

December 12, 2022

Obviously, when I was going into this “Kagath” thing on Correlia, I was going to have to gather up some allies.  But despite what Thanaton thought I hadn’t spent my time ticking people off instead of building allies.  Yeah, I spent my time ticking his people off, and doing that to a number of Sith as well, but I was still trying to get the people that I think they overlook — the ordinary people — on my side.  And with that I managed to convince a Moff, Pyron, that I was worth supporting, and he promised to support me if I helped him complete his superweapon program that had been cancelled.  The reason I was able to do that was, in fact, because of ordinary people as well:  it turns out that the key component is a chip that my cult on Nar Shaddaa had gotten into manufacturing.  So it seemed like it would be simple to just go and get it, but it turned out that another group was causing trouble and so preventing them from getting it.  So I went there to straighten it out, and it turned out that that was what they wanted:  they wanted me to deal with them and not my cult.  But the point is to show loyalty to the ordinary person and not throw them over to grasp power, so instead I killed the representatives and destroyed that group in favour of my own cult.

This gave me the chip, and so Moff Pyron was able to build the Silencer, a huge ship-based weapon that can destroy entire fleets.  We went to test it out on a Republic Fleet that was menacing one of ours, and it turned out that one of Thanaton’s most prominent lieutenants was in charge of it.  I could have used the Silencer to wipe out the fleet while he was still there and remove a threat, but that strikes against the attitude that I was trying to foster in the Empire:  we don’t throw away resources to grasp after power or for personal advantage.  I wouldn’t toss my cult aside because that other group offered me more power, and I wasn’t going to toss aside those Imperial forces and even that Sith for position.  This, to me, is one of the few proper lessons of the Sith:  if you can’t get the power you need yourself without betraying and destroying things that you could need, then that’s a problem with you.  We may sometimes need to fight amongst ourselves and sacrifice resources, but the Empire can only survive if we only do those things when we need to, after due consideration of all the alternatives.  The Empire and the Sith need to be about Order, not Chaos.  And if that means eliminating the Sith and replacing them with something smarter, that’s what I need to do.

Anyway, the Silencer worked perfectly and everyone appreciated my unwillingness to simply sacrifice Imperial resources.  Thus, Moff Pyron promised to support me in the Kagath on Corellia.

All that was left was to pick up my last ally, the apprentice that Harkun was training on Korriban.  When I arrived, another apprentice had successfully completed the last task and was to be my apprentice, but then Xalek burst in, beat that apprentice to death, and handed me the artifact that the other apprentice had retrieved.  Harkun was outraged and, to be honest, so was I.  Allowing this sort of thing was moving the Sith in the exact opposite direction from what I wanted, and it seemed like Xalek didn’t even understand the old Sith code properly.  But … with the Kagath in play I needed influence and prestige, and so needed an apprentice.  So I reluctantly took him on, but told him that if he ever did anything like that again it’d be the end of his apprenticeship … and probably the end of him.

So, with all that I could get in place in place, I headed to Corellia for the final confrontation with Darth Thanaton.

Trunk Diary: Voss

December 5, 2022

So, I’d managed to heal my body enough that it wasn’t going to fall apart on me, but that really didn’t do anything for my mind, which still had a ton of ghosts in it that all wanted out, or at least wanted to destroy me.  The answer to that was supposed to be on Voss, which is a planet that has some kind of mystical tradition, but one separate from that of the Jedi or the Sith.  Given their abilities, both sides really want them to join their side, and so I got roped into helping our local Sith Lord, Darth Severin, do exactly that.

First, my own cure.  It turns out that there are rituals that involve visions that would allow me to face down the spirits in my head, but when I did the first ritual it seems that they wanted to try to guilt me by showing me my past deeds and arguing that I failed or betrayed those people.  The problem is that I didn’t.  Zash betrayed me and that’s why she ended up the way she was.  The woman leading my cult seemed to be hinting that I had passed over her love or some other such garbage but that wasn’t in the picture.  The problem with their attack was simple:  I’m not at all guilty over the things I’ve done.  I’ve always done what I think right and justifiable.  So their attacks had no impact on me.

That wasn’t enough, though, to get rid of them.  To do that, I needed another ritual with the help of a Gormak shaman.  Now, the Gormak are the other species that live on Voss, and they and the Voss are bitter enemies.  And the Voss hate them so much that they don’t want to ever have any of them leave the planet, which otherwise would have been the perfect solution for their war.  As it turns out, in helping Darth Severin I discovered that the two species were the same, corrupted by a world corrupting influence spawned by the Jedi coming to Voss in the ancient past and trying to use them in a war against the Sith.  I decided to reveal this to the Voss elders when Severin wanted me to simply tell them about the Jedi part, and he was very angry since he thought that lying to them would bring them to our side, while telling them the truth made them more focused on internal matters and the fallout rather than joining in a galactic war.  But this is why Sith like Serevin are terrible for the Empire, because they would have found out eventually and then been angry at us for lying, while here while the news split them they would be grateful to us for telling them the truth instead of using it for our own gain.  Keeping them out of the war is enough to ensure that we don’t horribly lose it, and they’re more likely to be allies in the future if we don’t lie to them … and if they reconcile with the Gormak, they’ll be even more powerful allies.  Severin, like most Sith, is too short-sighted to see any of this.

So, what was the one thing the shaman wanted for helping me?  To get off the planet.  But I agreed, even though it might anger the Voss.  My own life is more important than their stupid superstitions, and I figured I could get him off the planet without drawing attention.  With him using a sacred stone to make the ghosts fightable, I defeated them again and managed to reintegrate my mind and, more importantly, to shut them all up.  Of course, the Voss managed to find out about the Gormak I was smuggling off the planet, but a simple “Force Persuade” was enough to get him to forget it happened and let me move along.

After this, Thanaton challenged me to some kind of ancient ritual called the “Kagath” to take place on Corellia.  So it’s time for me to gather my remaining resources and take him on there.