The List — Year 8

This is the eighth year of my list of games to finish. This year was not a particularly good year for games for me, but as I updated it recently I did finish a few. So let’s see how it compares to last year.

So, I now have finished 31 of the 56 that I have listed. That’s a 55% completion rate. Against the total, that’s a 42% completion rate. That’s slightly up from last year. But, again, in real terms, I’ve finished another four games: Persona, Sunrider Academy, Monster Prom, and Spellcasting 101. I did replay a number of games this year — Persona 3, Dragon Age (multiple characters), and Dragon Age 2 which obviously cut into my playing time, and had a cup of coffee in a couple of others — Hearts of Iron, Alpha Centauri, and Cultist Simulator — some of which I still intend to play and finish at some point this year (but not right now). Despite video games being a huge disappointment to me in terms of my goal of accomplishing things, I still did make some progress. I’ll have to see how my new schedule works out when I finally get a chance to get into it.

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