The List – Year 9

This is the ninth year of my list of games to finish. This was an odd year for me wrt playing games, so while the list will get better — I definitely finished an actual game on the list in Saint’s Row the Third — I’m interested in seeing what the change is year-over-year.

So I have finished 34 of the 58 I have listed. That’s a 59% completion rate. Against the original list, that’s a 45% completion rate. As expected, I’ve only finished about 3 games this year, while last year it was … four. So not much different. It seems that my game playing has fallen off a bit, although I know that I spent significant time with The Old Republic. Still, in it seems like I had more games to talk about in last year’s list than I did in this one, which is mostly the two Saint’s Row games (3 and 4).

I don’t have time to play games right now, so I won’t be making more progress for a while. We’ll see how things work out once things settle down a bit.

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    […] wondered if I had made any progress at all and if it was worth bothering.  So I looked.  And last year I had finished 34 games.  This year?  35 games.  So, not all that much progress was made … and […]

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