Lack of Convenience …

So, for many years now, since university, a few times a year I’ve made a trip to the downtown area of my city. I’ve generally parked at my old university and then walked down there, either to one of a couple of interesting museums or, more frequently, just to the big mall and bookstore there, stopping on the way back at a few stores that I liked to shop at. In general, this was a pretty convenient trip for me, because a) it was easy for me to get to the university, b) I knew the university well enough to find a good place to park, c) it gave me quite a bit of extra exercise (walking to the mall took about an hour one way, while walking to the museum took about an hour and a half one way, d) the museum had a permanent exhibit that I really enjoyed, e) there were a number of shops in the mall and along the route that sold things I couldn’t really find anywhere else and f) along the entire route I could find stores that sold most of the things I wanted to look at, so even if I could find those things elsewhere I could make one trip and shop for all of them.

I’ve been busy lately, and so haven’t been able to get down there during the months when walking for an hour+ isn’t an incredibly stupid idea. I managed to get down there this past weekend, and noted that this incredibly convenient trip isn’t as convenient anymore.

1) The university is having a lot more special events than they used to, which makes parking and getting in and out of there more hit and miss (this weekend, they had a football game).

2) The museum re-did that permanent exhibit — which is another reason I hadn’t been down there in a while — and it’s lost the magic for me, turning it from a historical experience to a learning experience … and I have already learned the history and can learn the history myself without having to take three hours out of my life just to get there.

3) A lot of the stores that were unique there have closed.

4) A lot of the stores that were unique there I’m no longer interested in (one of them was a used CD store, but since my multi-CD player died and I couldn’t find a replacement buying CDs means adding on the work of ripping them to a USB drive).

5) And I can get pretty much everything that I could get from there somewhere else anyway, often from places where there are a number of places that I’d want to shop closer together than they are there.

About the only thing that I can still get out of that is the incredibly long walk … which I can make up for on my own anyway. The biggest benefit was that I was always walking somewhere which gave me the purpose I really needed to get exercise, but when it comes to walking I can usually compensate for that.

So, the really convenient trip has become too inconvenient to bother with. Maybe I’ll do it again if I go to see another play … which I haven’t done in at least a couple of years …

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