A thought on shyness …

If it’s not another word for the term, it is clear that in general shyness of the sort that Scott Aaronson talked about can oftentimes at least be caused by social anxiety disorder, which is an actual psychological disorder.

Now, think about the responses of at least Amanda Marcotte and Dr. Nerdlove to his comment, where even though it is clear that society makes this worse, they still insist that the problem was all with Aaronson, and that all he needed to do was screw up his courage and get out there, and get over that problem. Do you think that they’d say that to someone suffering from depression, that they just had to get out there and overcome it? Do you think that people would let them get away with it if they did?

So why can they do that for people who are, at least potentially, suffering from SAD?

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One Response to “A thought on shyness …”

  1. The original Mr. X Says:

    In a similar vein, if a woman got anorexia and attributed this to being exposed to unrealistic standards of beauty in her childhood, I wonder what the feminist response would be to a man who said “Oh, clearly you were psychologically messed-up anyway, stop trying to blame your issues on other people”?

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