Shallow Thoughts on Raganarok, Guardians of the Galaxy 2

So, quite a while ago I watched Guardians of the Galaxy 2. More recently, I watched Thor: Ragnarok. The biggest thing they have in common, other than both being Marvel movies, and Ragnarok seemingly aiming to be more of the space opera/comedy sort of movie that GotG is, is that I fell asleep during both of them. This doesn’t mean that they’re bad movies. It doesn’t mean that they were boring movies. If I watch movies — or almost anything — after eating, I fall asleep during them. What it does mean, though, is that unlike other movies and shows I’ve talked about I missed significant parts of the movie, which could have an impact on my impressions of the movie if I had managed to stay awake. So I’ll have to watch them both again at some point, and might say more about them when I do so. Since that’s not likely to be any time soon given my huge backlog of movies and TV shows to watch, I think I’ll talk a little bit about them now. But, yeah, it’s gonna be a shallow analysis, so much so that I don’t think that there’ll be any real spoilers of consequence. Okay, maybe one.

The big problem I had with GotG 2 is that it really, really tried to do too much. There were a ton of interpersonal issues all going on at the same time, with Starlord and his father, Starlord and Rocket, Starlord and Gamora, Gamora and Nebula, Drax and Mantis, and probably one or two more that I’m forgetting. And this might be manageable if the movie focused on resolving those things. But it doesn’t. Comedy was a big part of the first movie’s success, so they have to do comedy, too. And action was as well, so they have to do action. Stuffing all of that together has the emotions of the movie lurching like a drunken sailor between drama, action and comedy, with deep and emotional scenes being immediately interrupted with comedy, just because it seemed like the movie felt it had gone too long without comedy, and then an action scene being tossed in for pretty much the same reason. It was often jarring and ruined the mood. Don’t get me wrong; the comedy and action were competently done. But it all seemed like it was stuffed into the movie to be there rather than flowing naturally from the movie itself.

Which is pretty much my impression of Ragnarok, to be honest. The comedy not only didn’t seem to work for a character like Thor, it also seemed forced, with the sequences, particularly early in the movie, being there just to have a GotG type comedy scene. Take the scene where Thor is chained up and “interrogating” Surtur. That Thor might try such a move is reasonable. That Thor would have that interrupted by his rotating out of sight of Surtur is something better suited to Starlord than to Thor. That that was overdone was, again, more something that would happen in a GotG movie and not in line with the humour of the previous Thor movies. Thor making the quip while summoning his hammer fit with Thor … but it not appearing was more of a Starlord thing than a Thor thing, although it could work. But the long delay is, again, more in line with Starlord than with Thor. And so is Thor being totally discombobulated by Doctor Strange’s constant magical hopping around. I preferred the Thor humour where he shows up at the battle, crushes the big rock monster, and then asks if anyone else wants to try. Treating Thor like Starlord isn’t how I’d like to see that franchise go.

I didn’t really mind Valkyrie that much, and certainly less than the reaction from some corners of the Internet suggested, but then again I slept through the middle where she might have been her most annoying, so that might change. As for GotG 2, I did like Mantis, but thought the link between her and Drax was rushed.

Again, as I said, I’ll have to watch the two of them again to get a real impression of them, but for now my feelings on them is … meh.

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