Thoughts on “The Grapple”, Book 3 of “Settling Accounts”

Eventually, Turtledove’s works end up as a slog.

This book was, in fact, a slog to read. While he’s trying to portray the “grapple” that will lead to the Confederates being push back and the war being taken to the Confederacy and into Confederate territory, the book is just a long slog to get through. Again, maybe that’s intentional, but it certainly makes the book hard to read. I was thrilled to finish it and it made me hesitant towards reading the next one, worried the last book would be just as much of a slog, so if Turtledove is trying to represent the slog of war here, in my opinion he is hurting the overall work doing that.

That being said, this book wasn’t as bad as the “The War That Came Early” was, as at least the events described here were all important and useful and pretty much needed to be told. And he still does have interesting characters. It’s just, I guess, that not much interesting actually happens to them and so we’re left with the depictions of the Confederate Army being push back and back and back to capture our interest … and those depictions aren’t all that interesting.

The next post will talk about the last book and my final thoughts on the series, including whether or not I feel the series was worth buying.

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