Finishing Something?

So, I have now finished a third game on my list of games to finish. Yep, I completed the main quest in Oblivion yesterday, which was a bit anti-climactic due to the fact that as a sandbox game you, well, could pretty much just keep playing after that. But, hey, finishing the main quest is finishing the main quest, and so another game is in the bin. That makes three games in 9 months, which actually isn’t as bad as I’d thought, considering the types of games I play.

Oblivion was worth playing, and I might play it again, but it really drove home for me the fact that sandbox games are fun for me, but that I really want a more linear, story-driven experience. Also, taking a character with a weakness to fire into the Oblivion gates wasn’t that smart, but at least I played on Easy so that I didn’t die too often.

So, as I type right now I don’t have anything in the “Current” category. This is because the NHL playoffs are about to start and I can’t play on the PS3 and watch TV at the same time, so I’m trying to decide what PS2 game to pick up from the list, or if I’ll just just it and play the Personas again. Stay tuned …

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