Halcyon Diary: What Could Go Wrong?

So after arriving on Coruscant with T7, I met with a Republic general, where it was revealed that they were working on a superweapon called the “Planet Prison”, and what the name pretty much says what it does:  it locks down a planet using ionized energy that would disrupt any electronics.  So of course they were researching it on a planet that would be exceptionally vulnerable to it and if traffic in and out was disrupted it would have a huge impact on the entire Republic as opposed to some out of the way planet where that would be minimal.  And even more of course, they lost control of it, and I was sent to deal with it, first by tracking down some schematics they’d stolen, and then tracking down the scientist who was the head of the project to prevent his information from falling into the wrong hands.  Well, it turns out that the information was already in the wrong hands, because the guy they thought of as Doctor Tarnis was really a Sith who had infiltrated the project to get it into the hands of the Empire.  I had to kill him, but he was talking to his father Darth Angral at the time and his father was … unhappy that I killed him, and swore revenge against me for, well, killing someone who was going to lock down an entire planet possibly killing billions and who was trying to kill me at the time.

Sith are so emo.

Coruscant also had its own issues, with the criminal empire Black Sun and an aging infrastructure.  Black Sun was intimidating the locals and was even booby trapping supply crates to blow them up for … some reason.  It was a joy taking them down, even if I hadn’t had to deal with them back in my CorSec days.  As for the infrastructure, I had to head into one of the older and lower levels with a bunch of machines — that one crazy guy thought were sentient — that needed to be fixed.  It turned out that I was doing that, in part, because of another bunch of machines — these ones were actually sentient — that were trying to fix things to help the Senate, but the Senator who was in charge of them couldn’t understand what they were saying.  I was surprised, since while they slid in a number of colour words in odd places it was pretty easy to figure out what they meant given the context.  I guess that just proves that politicians aren’t all that bright.

After that, we found that the signal was coming from Ord Mantell, and a Padawan that I first met on Tython came along to help us.  Kira did a good job tracking signals and doing some hacking on Coruscant. and while I’d had to bail her out of trouble once other than being a bit impulsive she could pretty much handle herself, so I didn’t mind her tagging along.  And yes, she’s attractive, but as a Jedi I’m above such concerns.  As a man, well, I’m not as much above such concerns as I’d like.

Anyway, T7 and I went on to investigate the lead, but when we returned Kira had been captured by another Sith, who wanted her alive for some reason.  They didn’t want me alive, though, and so the only option was to kill them and free Kira on my own.

That they wanted her specifically alive for some reason makes me suspicious.  Yeah, I’m naturally a suspicious person, but there was no reason given for why they’d want her alive.  She didn’t have more information than I or others had.  She wasn’t more important than myself or others.  She didn’t have any unique skills, Force or otherwise.  So why were they so interested in her?  It didn’t make sense, and I don’t like it when things don’t make sense.


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