Halcyon Diary: Tython

So this is Tython.

I caught a shuttle to Tython to begin my Jedi training.  It’s a nice planet.  Maybe a bit too nice for intense training, but then again meditation is a big part of the training and those natural vistas would certainly promote the feelings of peace and centering needed for good meditation.

Well, it would if it wasn’t for the blaster shots happening in the background.

It turns out that some native creatures called “Flesh Raiders” were attacking the compound, and I was asked to help out.  I took the time to change into my Jedi uniform and equip the two lightsabers that were part of my heritage, one with a silver colour crystal and one with a magenta one.  This, of course, made me stand out from the other padawans who had training weapons and more simple robes, but I wanted to reflect the tradition of my family.  Some might criticize me for showing off or having too much pride, but I was willing to take that chance.

Because at least I wasn’t an idiot about things like revenge.

I went out to deal with the Flesh Raider attack and rescue some other students, and found some of them there but one was injured … and one wanted to head out and kill Flesh Raiders.  All by herself.  When her first encounter with them was a disaster.  I had combat training from CorSec and Jedi training from what had been left for me, so I was able to handle them, and I’d proven that I could handle them in getting to the students in the first place.  They didn’t have that training and had proven that they weren’t capable of handling the Flesh Raiders, but wanted to do it anyway.  Maybe vengeance really does make Jedi stupid.

It turns out that a Force sensitive named Caleff was helping them, on the orders of someone else.  I stopped him but then had to seek out my new Master Orgus Dinn and the head of the order Satele Shan to address this.  While much of the Jedi Council relocated to Tython after the attack on Coruscant, it certainly seemed like a big deal if the head of the Order was involved.

Of course, the next step was pretty prosaic:  help out a local Twi’lek village that the Jedi had been happily ignoring, even against Flesh Raiders, until it seemed related to this issue.  So then they sent me to investigate the attacks and try to patch up relations with the village.  Yeah, you know things are bad when I get sent to do diplomacy.  Anyway, I met their ailing Matriarch and dealt with some of their issues, and then when I returned the Matriarch was dead and her daughter was in charge.  They seemed to be happier with my approach to them, because I didn’t lecture them on the ways of peace and was more concerned with just doing things.  Yeah, that’s the standard complaint against the Jedi:  all talk, no action.  But some of the stories I’d heard from CorSec hinted that when the Jedi acted that often was worse.  Maybe they needed someone like me who was biased towards action but as a duty and part of the job rather than as a reaction to something bad happening or to a judgement that their enemies were immoral.

Speaking of which, the Flesh Raiders had been protecting their camp with an energy field, which was beyond their technical knowledge.  Turns out that a Dark Jedi who was a former Padawan of Orgus was behind it as part of a plan to destroy the Jedi Order.  After finding some more Flesh Rider bases and after I took one of them out, I returned to the village only to get drugged and captured by them.  It turns out that that Dark Jedi had threatened them and made a deal that they’d be safe from him if they turned Orgus over to him.  The daughter wanted to make sure I was left alive but some of the others didn’t want that, so I ended up killing them but leaving her alive.  I wasn’t happy about it, but I could understand them feeling threatened by a Dark Jedi and feeling that this was the simpler way to deal with it.  Fortunately, I’d found a T7 unit that could find Orgus, and so we set off to find him.  I was happy that the T7 unit wanted to join up with me, as I’d had a partnership with one back in CorSec.  I had to leave him behind when I left CorSec to train as a Jedi, and this one made me miss him a bit less.  Yeah, yeah, I know that some would say that I was getting too attached to a droid, but they have personalities and their own quirks and are often more like people than some people I know.  This one hadn’t had a memory wipe for a while and so definitely had its own personality, which wasn’t like my old partner but was interesting and refreshing nonetheless.

We headed out to the Forge and took on the Dark Jedi, but he wasn’t a match for me and I ended up sparing him in the hopes that he could be returned to the Order.  But, again, it’s clear that there was someone else behind this, and so after being made a full Jedi Knight I took T7 and headed off to Coruscant to pick up the search there.


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