Halcyon Diary: Intro

My name is Koerran Halcyon, and I’m about to embark on what might be the greatest adventure of my life.

Okay, okay, that’s a bit melodramatic, yeah.  After all, I went through the CorSec Academy on Corellia and spent a long time hunting down criminals on that planet, which obviously can get rowdy.  A lot of people would consider that to be more than adventurous for one lifetime, thank you very much.  But I had to take it one step further and join the Jedi.

Yeah, yeah, I should have been with the Jedi a long time ago.  But my family were Force-sensitive and prominent back in Revan’s day, and so were still around when the purge happened after Revan took out the Star Forge.  Of course, the family was also pretty prominent in CorSec, and so unlike the others the members of the family that were too young or not Force-sensitive enough to be in the Order simply went underground on Corellia as normal.  Of course, the kids weren’t told about that history because, well, kids don’t always keep some things secret.  We were supposed to be told when things calmed down … but the ones who knew died before that, and didn’t get around to telling anyone.  So the secret was lost for quite some time.

But they left a record behind, hoping that one of us would find it eventually.  And since I’m an investigator and was bored while on vacation in the old family home, I was poking around and found it.  Maybe I was guided to it by the Force, because one of the reasons I started poking around with that was that I was having strange dreams about the Jedi wars and that time and wanted to take the time to process it, and going back home seemed the perfect place to do that.  So the fact that I definitely have some Force ability and found out now probably means something.

So, I practiced a bit on my own using the notes left behind, and found the old Jedi uniform and lightsabers of the last Jedi of my family.  I thought about it for a bit, and trained more, and thought about it more, and trained more, and then made my decision:  I was going to join the Jedi Order, train, and work with them to keep the peace in the galaxy, a peace needed more than ever before after the attack by the Empire and the tensions between them and the Republic.

Maybe it’ll be boring.  Maybe it’ll just be some good training and I’ll end up going back to my regular life.  One thing I know:  I’m not going to run into Revan again, so I should be able to avoid a purge.


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