Halcyon Diary: Slej!

So, I got a message for Doreau over in the Empire.  Not sure how she managed that given the state of war between the Republic and the Empire.  The long distance charges must have been insane.

Maybe that’s why she ended up asking me for money.  Well, actually, she didn’t ask me for money.  She asked me to give some money to some guy.  Said something about avoiding transfer fees or something, and said that she’d heard I’d picked up some money through my associating with Risha and so would have it to spare.

I wasn’t going to send my money to someone I didn’t know, though, so I got Risha to find some information on him.  Turns out that he used to be a cop, which is a plus for me.  He’s also a Jedi, which at least means that he’s not going to be a scum-sucking criminal.  He’s likely to be arrogant, though, as they all are.

Risha also went “Hubba hubba” when she saw his image, so I wonder if this is Doreau’s idea of hitting on him.  Figured she’d be better off just sending him her picture instead of credits, but everyone has their own way of making an approach.  At any rate, as long as I have enough credits to keep the ship running it wouldn’t bother me, and while Risha wouldn’t be happy since she wanted the credits to help her get back her throne I made it clear that she was going to have to do that on her own, maybe with her rich noble husband-to-be, so I figured “Why not?”.  I just typed in the amount that she listed and … sent him ten million credits?!?

He’d better do great things with that money, that’s all I’m saying.


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