Trunk Diary: Companions

The last thing to deal with is the fact that Khem Val and Darth Zash were still inhabiting the same body, and neither of them wanted that to continue.  They both asked me to help them with it, and I made non-committal mumblings about it but, really, didn’t care one way or the other.  Khem spent his entire time with me threatening to eat me, and even when he wasn’t doing that the fact that he wanted to eat pretty much everyone else made him more of a loose cannon than even Hamr was.  On the other hand, this all started because Zash wanted to take over my body and so was trying to betray me, which meant that if she stuck around she might well try again.

Anyway, Zash had found a ritual to do it and some kind of artifact box/prison that would suck one of them into it and leave the other in the body, and during the ritual both of them wanted me to support them … but I refused to support either.  I let the two of them fight it out, and the worst that could happen was that both of them would be lost … which wouldn’t bother me one bit.  Khem ultimately won out … and, surprisingly, wasn’t upset that I didn’t help him, and in fact thanked me for letting him win the battle on his own.  So, uh, you’re welcome?  I never expected that my not caring which of them won would win me his loyalty but, sure, I guess I’ll take it.

I’m sad to say that I don’t think my companions are an upgrade over Doreau and Hamr.  Well, it would be hard to do better than her, but I would have wanted to do better than Hamr.  The most stable members of my team are an Imperial Reclamation Service officer who’s okay but not as smart or competent as Doreau, and a former Jedi who has problems with pride and anger.  Then I have the pirate who is willing to kill anyone and loves to get revenge of people and solve things with his gun, which makes him pretty much Hamr but less fun.  Then there’s the apprentice who solves all his problems through violence but thinks I’m a god, and the creature that wants to eat people but is loyal to me … at least for now.

Sigh.  It’s definitely a motley crew, but I’ve dealt with that before.  Now, let’s see what more I can do for the Empire from my new position.


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