Trunk Diary: Allies

Obviously, when I was going into this “Kagath” thing on Correlia, I was going to have to gather up some allies.  But despite what Thanaton thought I hadn’t spent my time ticking people off instead of building allies.  Yeah, I spent my time ticking his people off, and doing that to a number of Sith as well, but I was still trying to get the people that I think they overlook — the ordinary people — on my side.  And with that I managed to convince a Moff, Pyron, that I was worth supporting, and he promised to support me if I helped him complete his superweapon program that had been cancelled.  The reason I was able to do that was, in fact, because of ordinary people as well:  it turns out that the key component is a chip that my cult on Nar Shaddaa had gotten into manufacturing.  So it seemed like it would be simple to just go and get it, but it turned out that another group was causing trouble and so preventing them from getting it.  So I went there to straighten it out, and it turned out that that was what they wanted:  they wanted me to deal with them and not my cult.  But the point is to show loyalty to the ordinary person and not throw them over to grasp power, so instead I killed the representatives and destroyed that group in favour of my own cult.

This gave me the chip, and so Moff Pyron was able to build the Silencer, a huge ship-based weapon that can destroy entire fleets.  We went to test it out on a Republic Fleet that was menacing one of ours, and it turned out that one of Thanaton’s most prominent lieutenants was in charge of it.  I could have used the Silencer to wipe out the fleet while he was still there and remove a threat, but that strikes against the attitude that I was trying to foster in the Empire:  we don’t throw away resources to grasp after power or for personal advantage.  I wouldn’t toss my cult aside because that other group offered me more power, and I wasn’t going to toss aside those Imperial forces and even that Sith for position.  This, to me, is one of the few proper lessons of the Sith:  if you can’t get the power you need yourself without betraying and destroying things that you could need, then that’s a problem with you.  We may sometimes need to fight amongst ourselves and sacrifice resources, but the Empire can only survive if we only do those things when we need to, after due consideration of all the alternatives.  The Empire and the Sith need to be about Order, not Chaos.  And if that means eliminating the Sith and replacing them with something smarter, that’s what I need to do.

Anyway, the Silencer worked perfectly and everyone appreciated my unwillingness to simply sacrifice Imperial resources.  Thus, Moff Pyron promised to support me in the Kagath on Corellia.

All that was left was to pick up my last ally, the apprentice that Harkun was training on Korriban.  When I arrived, another apprentice had successfully completed the last task and was to be my apprentice, but then Xalek burst in, beat that apprentice to death, and handed me the artifact that the other apprentice had retrieved.  Harkun was outraged and, to be honest, so was I.  Allowing this sort of thing was moving the Sith in the exact opposite direction from what I wanted, and it seemed like Xalek didn’t even understand the old Sith code properly.  But … with the Kagath in play I needed influence and prestige, and so needed an apprentice.  So I reluctantly took him on, but told him that if he ever did anything like that again it’d be the end of his apprenticeship … and probably the end of him.

So, with all that I could get in place in place, I headed to Corellia for the final confrontation with Darth Thanaton.


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