Trunk Diary: Round One

Having gathered up what I thought were enough ghosts to take on Thanaton and with their voices in my head getting a bit disturbing, I headed off the Dromund Kaas to confront him.  I really should have been careful not to get overconfident and to make sure I understood more about what was happening before I tried to use it.

On the plus side, I did beat Thanaton.  He had a flunky confront me beforehand and after I took him down easily I unleashed my ghosts on him and he ended up blasted across the room and into the wall before he could do anything.  So that part worked.  The bad part was that doing that left me in even worse shape than it left him.

See, it turns out that what the ghosts didn’t mention is that controlling and unleashing the power of these ghosts is really draining, especially since none of them really want to be there, even the ones that I pacified instead of forced.  So I didn’t have the power and control to keep all this in line and focused, which is why I ended up hurling Thanaton against the wall, and trying that knocked me out.  Because of that, Thanaton was able to get away and stay a threat to me.

That’d be bad enough, but it isn’t the worst of it.  The strain on the body is so intense that at this point, well, it’s breaking down my entire body.  If it isn’t fixed, it is going to kill me, probably in a horrible way.  So not only can’t I use that power, it’s going to kill me whether I use it or not.  At this point, I have to wonder if it’s even worth it.

Of course, right now the choices are that either I master it or I die, and I didn’t fight my way out of slavery to die.  Fortunately, a couple of other Sith had tried to master this before and faced the same problem, and so set out to try to cure themselves.  Unfortunately, it’s not clear if they managed to succeed or not.  But beggars can’t be choosers, so I’m going to have to follow their path and hope that at the end of it there’s a solution.

Zash also noted that the records of one of them had a duplicated section right where the information on where to go next was.  It seemed like it had been done by Thanaton to prevent someone from trying, well, exactly what I wanted to try.  So I broke into his vault by using Force Persuade on his guard.  It was a surprise that it would work because you’d think that someone like Thanaton would know better than to use guards who are so weak-willed that they fall for that.  I almost wonder if he was setting me up, but I did get the information I wanted.  It turns out that there might be some kind of healing technology on Belsavis, and the the mystics on Voss might be able to fix me up entirely.  I need some extra clearances to land on Voss, so it’s off to Belsavis first.  Hopefully it can at least keep me alive long enough to find a true cure.


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