Trunk Diary: Tatooine

Tatooine is a planet baked by the heat of two suns and turned into a complete desert.  But lots of things are and get buried here, and after being sent here by Zash I looked for one at the request of the Imperial Reclamation service.  Czerka had brought some artifacts here and they turned out to create some kind of plague that turned people into man/machine hybrids.  I had had to attack a group called the “Sons of Palawa” to get something from them earlier, and when a small part of the artifacts escaped I had to go and save them or else blow up their entire village in containment.  I have to give them credit for accepting my help when I offered it, and not attacking me afterwards, but they still didn’t want to see me after that.  I didn’t want to see them after all that either, so it all worked out.

It turns out that this was all the work of an imprisoned alien who was working to take over the planet and then the entire galaxy.  He sicced his forces on me, and then when I beat them wanted to work together.  Even if I was at all interested in helping him take over the galaxy, I’m not going to work with someone who did that, so I destroyed the machine.  The Reclamation Service got the leftover artifacts and the like, so everyone got something of what they wanted.  Except the alien, I guess.

For my quest, I had to take up with a pirate called Andronikos Revel who had had the artifact but it drove his crew mad and they took off with it.  He wanted to kill the captain who started the mutiny, and I let him do that once I had the information I needed.  I tracked them down as they went crazier and crazier and got the artifact back, and Andronikos joined my crew.  Great.  Now I have two versions of Hamr with me:  Khem who wants to solve all his problems with violence and Andronikos who is a little too attached to his weapons (although at least he doesn’t name them or talk to them).  Where’s my Doreau to balance this off to save my mind?

Speaking of Khem, he found that one of his kin that he’d been whining about wanting to find was on Tatooine, so we went to see him.  And he wanted to kill us.  So we killed them.  Heartwarming story of reunited comrades, isn’t it?

The next artifact is on Alderaan, and I think that things are going to come to a head after that.


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