Trunk Diary: HAMR!!!!!

All I wanted was to be a police officer.

Yeah, being a police officer is a pretty thankless job in the Empire.  You’re expected to keep the peace and keep the “little people” out of the hair of all the big political bodies like the Sith and the military, while they stir up trouble with their heavy-handedness and expect you to clean it up, and blame you if you don’t manage to clean up their mess to their satisfaction.  Still, being a police officer can be a pretty good job if you know how to play diplomatically with the other groups and keep things quiet.  I was good enough at that to get assigned to Kaas City, which happens to police officers who do really well at managing all the little things.  It’s also hard mode in the game of politics, but I was managing it pretty well and pretty much everyone figured I be one of the few to make it out with a good reputation and a decent retirement.

And then he was assigned to my office.

Slej Hamr, an officer who should never had made it to Kaas City.  I guess he wanted to lock away the bad guys, but he was too violent to be a good cop.  Well, I guess that sort of thing’s not really an issue in the Empire.  But he also wasn’t one to play the diplomatic game, and so it’s hard to see how he managed to get this far without ticking someone off.  I guess his superiors managed to manage him and shield him from that, and his record said that he always solved his cases.  Maybe the guys he arrested weren’t even guilty, but they’d usually rather be in an Imperial prison than face him again.  Which should say something about him.

But I figured I could keep him away from trouble just like his other superiors did, and setting him up with the smart and diplomatic Doreau as his partner helped.  She couldn’t control him, but she could steer him out of the way of most trouble most of the time, and I could patch up most of the rest.

Until the deal with the Sith.

Honestly, that scum-sucking Sith deserved to die, and he made the mistake of picking on Hamr when Hamr confronted him, figuring that being a Sith would mean that he could easily take out a low-budget cop.  But if there’s one thing Hamr was good at, it was violence, and the Sith found himself outmatched, which meant that he soon found himself dead.  Good riddance.

If Hamr hadn’t been so direct, I probably could have arranged something that would have ended up the same way but with less political problems.  Or at least I would have time to bail.  But the Sith wouldn’t let something like that stand, and things moved too quickly for me to get away.  Before they shipped me off as a slave, I heard that Doreau managed to get Imperial Intelligence to protect her, which made me happy.  And that Hamr ran off for Republic space, which made me angry.

The irony is that while Hamr’s anger made me a slave, my anger at Hamr freed me.  Turns out that I had latent Force abilities that my rage brought out and let the Sith find, and since they are hoping to start a war they need all the Force users they can get, and so they freed me and sent me to Korriban to become a true Sith or die trying.  Not what I wanted, but it’s a lot better than being a slave.

The thing is that the Sith want to turn me into their weapon, as a different kind of slave.  But this is gonna backfire on them.  See, Hamr frustrated me.  He exasperated me.  He even really, really pissed me off.  And all of that gave me the power that they want to use and that they have to respect.  But they say that hate is one of the strongest emotions of all, and while I thought I hated Hamr, I didn’t know what the word meant until the Sith screwed me over.  Them, I hate, and it’s against them that I’m gonna turn all that hatred.

What’re they gonna do when Clavell Trunk runs wild on them?


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