Trunk Diary: Introduction

Once upon a time, there were three little Imperials who went to the police academy.

And they were all assigned to very hazardous duty.

Of course, all police officers assigned to duty on Dromund Kaas are assigned to very hazardous duty.  Much of the planet remains an untamed jungle, and so duty in the smaller, outlying settlements involves facing off with wild jungle animals and the remains of strange Sith experiments, both in terms of fauna as well as Force-powered spirits and abominations that few even among the Sith can handle for very long.  The Sith claim to like this because it provides an environment to promote strength and cull the weak, but as it turns out few of them would deign to live in that environment that they find so desirable.

Then again, the main city of Kaas City could be claimed to be more dangerous, especially to its constabulary.

Kaas City is the seat of political power on Dromund Kaas, which makes it the seat of political power for the Empire.  Thus, every faction that has or wants power is there and constantly scheming to acquire and preserve their power.  Political power tends to form a hierarchy where the Sith are at the top, followed by the military and by Imperial intelligence.  The constabulary ranks far, far below them, and so are often used as pawns in these power struggles, with little recourse but to just go along with it and hope that they come out of those schemes alive.  Woe betide the police officer who happens to get in the way of one of these schemes, as all of these factions have no qualms about ruining, or even taking, the live of anyone who gets in their way.  Especially the Sith, who add to the troubles by often killing people just out of their own perverse sense of fun.  In theory, the police are supposed to prevent murderous serial killers from pursuing their perverted pleasures, but when that involves the Sith things get far more complicated.  Even those Sith who disapprove of such actions will not suffer a mere police officer to interfere with the actions of a Sith.

Which is what brought about the downfall of our three police officers.

A burgeoning young Sith had … an interesting hobby that involved killing people in horrific ways in an attempt to gain further Force abilities and power.  As the most educated of our officers — Dori Doreau — noted, those rituals were nothing but bunk, and so were nothing more than a fig leaf excuse for the Sith’s perverted pleasures.  Something needed to be done about this situation, of course, but the captain, Clavell Trunk, knew that it had to be handled delicately and diplomatically to avoid facing Sith reprisals.

Unfortunately, his officer Slej Hamr took a more … direct approach.  As it turns out, not only was the Sith ignorant of Force rituals and how to use them to gain power, he also wasn’t a match for a non-Force aware police officer with a set of blasters who knew how to use them.  If left alone, someone else probably would have killed him, but it was his dumb luck to run up against Slej Hamr.

And, as it turned out, their bad luck as well.

The Sith, of course, could not let such an affront stand.  They were all forewarned by a contact Doreau had in Imperial Intelligence, but they all had a differing ability to avoid the consequences.  Doreau used her contact in Imperial Intelligence to join them as an agent, and the Sith they killed was not important or liked enough for the Sith to risk going up against Imperial Intelligence.  But they watched her closely, and when she interfered in another Sith plan they demanded more insurance against her interference, which led to a control chip being installed in her brain.  Once she discovered this due to Republic Intelligence using it against her, she worked to overcome it and take down the conspiracy that was playing both sides for fools.  This left her with a mountain of information to use to work to calm tensions between the Republic and the Empire and to mold them into a shape that was more fair and more just, and less vulnerable to the depredations of greedy and unprincipled people on both sides.

Hamr, on the other hand, as a fully-marked man, could only flee the Empire for the Republic, where he took up the life of a smuggler.  Having to live his life as a law breaker was, ironically, probably the worst punishment anyone could inflict upon him, but he tried to find some sort of lawful employment, working to help restore a rightful ruler to her throne and working as a privateer.  Of course, this ended up with him getting involved in a conspiracy to sell out the Republic to the Empire, which he foiled, leaving him a respected agent of the Republic.  However, it is likely that he will return to work with Doreau, as he has little love for either the Empire and the Republic in their current forms.

Trunk, as the person in charge, was one that the Sith wanted to make an example of, even more than Hamr, whom they considered a skilled brute who wasn’t much of a threat on his own, and was only in the position to act as he did because his captain didn’t quash the investigation when he should have.  So they moved against him quickly and firmly, before he could put any of his own escape plans into effect.  They made him a slave and thought that would be the end of it.

But doing that made Trunk angry, and as it turns out the Sith very much liked him when he was angry, because it revealed that he actually had strong Force abilities that would make him very valuable to them in the war they were fermenting with the Republic.  So they sent him to Korriban to be trained, not considering that maybe taking someone that they had unjustly punished and forcing him to join their ranks might have … unintended consequences …

– Galen Mag’nus


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