NHL Playoff Predictions: Finals

I noted before the semi-finals that I needed to go at least 2 – 1 over the last three series to go over .500 for the playoffs.  Well, I had a really good semi-finals, going 2 – 0 which leaves my overall record at 8 – 6.  Since I did that by predicting that Tampa Bay would win their series against the Rangers and since the Rangers were the team with home ice advantage there, that meant that home ice advantage went 1 – 1 and so is also at 8 – 6 for the playoffs.  So, for the most part here, I’m playing with house money to go over .500, but I of course want to do as well as I can.


Tampa Bay vs Colorado:  This decision is actually a really tough one.  Tampa Bay is going to have to lose sometime, and over the past few decades — since the Islanders’ run of four straight — teams haven’t managed to win three in a row.  In large part, that’s because you have to play a lot of hockey to win each year and that ultimately wears teams down.  However, Tampa Bay has a bit of an advantage in that over the past couple of seasons they haven’t had to play full seasons, which would help with that a bit.  Still, they have to lose sometime, and so the only question is whether Colorado is the team, right now, that can do that.  And the biggest question for Colorado is their goaltending.  Yes, their rookie backup goaltender did well enough against what was probably the most dynamic offense left, but the Oilers were vulnerable defensively and with their goaltending which meant that they could be outscored.  Tampa Bay has been playing a lot better defensively and so will be a bigger challenge, and so that one extra save might make all the difference … and their goaltender has overcome some slow starts to seemingly return to form.  Also, being off for so long might cause Colorado to come out flat in the first game while Tampa shouldn’t be that tired from their various series to make fatigue be a factor, and one extra game win might make all the difference.  So I’m going to go with Tampa Bay for this one.


Tampa Bay vs Colorado Incorrect

Overall Record:  8 – 6
Home Ice Advantage Record:  8 – 6

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