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You might have noticed that there wasn’t much content on the blog this week.  The reason was that my area was hit with a pretty major storm and I lost power for most of the week.  I normally have at least some of the posts — usually the horror ones — scheduled a bit in advance so they’d keep going for a while, but recently I’ve been busy and haven’t been able to do that, so the well was a bit dry for posts.  On top of that, the storm hit on Saturday afternoon and I was planning on using a long weekend here to catch up on posts, but I had a lot of things to do on Saturday and so was going to start on Sunday, which obviously I couldn’t do.  So you managed to get the one post that I had written ahead on “Party of Five” but there was nothing else scheduled for the week.

Since I’m still a bit behind and still a bit busy – especially with the storm — I’m going to take next week off to try to build up the backlog a bit and ensure that I can get posts out for the week after.  So there probably won’t be anything until after next week, but then hopefully things will be back to normal.

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  1. Philosophical Musings on Capitalism and Socialism | The Verbose Stoic Says:

    […] So as I mentioned, there was an extended power outage here a couple of weeks back.  When it came to things like food, I was actually in pretty good shape, but one morning I decided to pop into the local convenience store to see if there were snack items or the like around that I could pick up in case things went on much longer and I started running low.  And, of course, pretty much everything that would work as that was sold out, with other people getting the same idea but finding it more important to them and so taking the initiative to get whatever they could — even if they didn’t need it — before it all ran out.  I also heard stories about places that sold ice keeping the prices the same but then later when they knew that the outage would be extended jacking up the prices.  And from that, in the plenty of time that I had to think, I mused about the strengths and weaknesses of capitalism and socialism and how they relate to that. […]

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