Final Vacation Update

At the time I’m writing this — I’m scheduling it to actually go up later — I technically still have some time left on my vacation, but I also know that other than working out my schedule for the next few months (which is a “New Year’s” thing instead of a “vacation” thing) I’m not really going to do anything of consequence in the last couple of days of my vacation, so since I have a bit of time to kill while waiting for my laundry to finish it seems like a good time to write this out.  This continues on from my previous update just before Christmas.

The big thing is that I actually did manage to finish Persona 5 Royal, clocking in at 92 hours of play time.  I actually made a mistake with it, as with other elements of my schedule dropping off I decided to take a run at it in the morning — I normally played it in the afternoons — and managed to finish the main plot at about 11 am.  So all I had left was the new dungeon and extra month of socializing, and so I figured that I could probably finish the entire game that day.  I figured that I could probably finish it off by about 3 or 4 — about one regular session — and at worst it would drag into the evening but I didn’t have anything else to do that evening so that would work pretty well.  And I ended up finishing it at … 12:30 am.  So it took me over 12 more hours to finish it from there.  That was, of course, really, really late for me, but I wanted to push through it to get it off my list and free up my afternoons again.  So I was successful and I don’t regret it, but if I had known that it would take that long at 11 am I would have left it for another day.

The last week of my vacation I didn’t play MMOs, preferring to focus on other things, and in fact didn’t get another run in after my last post on them.  But that was a success, because I got to try them out and decide which ones I liked, and am planning on at least poking around with them in the New Year (I’m trying to decide what slot they should fit into).  I don’t think I’ll subscribe to Star Trek Online at the moment, because I’m still not clear on how it’s all supposed to work, but I’ll be maintaining my subscriptions to The Old Republic and Dark Age of Camelot.

I did manage to get through Babylon 5 and Crusade before the end of my vacation, despite my not being sure that I could do it.  I finished Babylon 5 before Christmas Eve and burned through Crusade on Christmas Day, partly while doing other things.  That let me get through some movies before I’ll be turning to new TV shows in the New Year.

I managed to keep up with the blog, but didn’t really manage to get ahead.  I have some time around New Year’s Day to get ahead a bit and maybe to try to watch some movies ahead, since it’s looking like it will be difficult for me to find time for them in the New Year.

I also managed to do a decent amount of the chores and errands that I wanted to do over my vacation, which made me feel pretty good.  I was worried about this because while I did not too badly at this at the start of my vacation I let it slide until the very end.

I made progress in the lighter books but I’m going to have about four books of the “Heroes in Hell” books to get through in the New Year before I can turn to other things, which I will figure out on New Year’s Day.

General projects didn’t get any better, as I didn’t do anything wrt them at the last part of my vacation, and had pretty much given up on them at that point.  I am planning on putting them into my schedule for the New Year.

And finally, on other traditions, I did my full day watch of the Star Wars movies — excluding all the new ones but including the prequels — but didn’t get around to doing my full day watch of the Lord of the Rings movies because on the day that I was supposed to do that I had to do something else and then the next day I played Persona 5 Royal all day, and so at that point I just gave up on it.

I didn’t have too many days to relax — Christmas and the day I watched the Star Wars movies were probably the only ones that really counted — but it was a pretty productive vacation, and I got the things that I really, really wanted to get done done (Persona 5 Royal and playing the MMOs, along with the biggest errands and housework).  So that makes me feel pretty good about it.  Hopefully I can keep the productivity going in the New Year.

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