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So, it’s still the case that I’m giving three different MMOs one morning a week each to try them out and see how they’re going.  I’ve played a ton of The Old Republic and have talked about it a lot, so I won’t talk about it too much — except as a comparison to the others — and instead will focus on Star Trek Online and Dark Age of Camelot.

I finally hit a point in Star Trek Online where it seems like a mission is either too high a level for me or I haven’t upgraded my ship enough to complete it.  I did really well in the ground missions and pretty well in the first space missions, but I think in the last one — “Locked On Target” — I have to destroy a couple of Klingon Raptors and Vor’cha class ship and I find that I’m not doing very much damage at all to them, and have actually been getting destroyed in the fights, causing me to respawn.  The last time I was having even close to this much trouble was when I was brought to the future and didn’t manage to swap out my starting ship, so I suspect that the issue is with the ship rather than with my strategy, unless there’s a trick to it (using the metrion gas, maybe?).  Anyway, I also discovered that you can do patrols and the like completely by accident — I think you need to just fly around on your own instead of plotting a course to a specific system — and so might try to do that a bit the next time I log in.  But I was enjoying the missions and so am now a bit disappointed that I don’t seem to be able to continue the chain, at least for a bit.

The big problem with STO is that it doesn’t really explain, well, anything very well.  I pick up equipment from quests and the like, but have no idea how I’m supposed to actually use it or if it matters.  I don’t know how to get new ships, or when I need to.  I don’t know if a mission is hard because it’s too far above my level or because I’m underequipped or because I haven’t adopted the right strategy.  I don’t know if there are other quests out there or things that I could or should be doing to keep my levels and equipment up.  And so on and so forth.  I’ve looked through the help on occasion and it doesn’t seem to help all that much.  I like the Star Trek feel of the game, but that all goes away once I hit something that’s too difficult for me.

Amazingly, for an old-school MMO, Dark Age of Camelot is far, far better at this than STO is.  While I think I lucked out in that I completely by accident started doing extra quests before I discovered that I was supposed to go to Camelot and get a bunch of quests, so I ended up overlevelled for those quests, which meant that walking around in the world to get to those quests was a lot easier than it should have been.  But DAoC is really good at telling you what the level of the quests you’re facing are and what the level of the monsters you’re facing are.  So in some of the quests I came across the quests MOBs that were too high a level for me, and so knew to go away and do other things and come back later.  And I seem to be getting enough XP from the quests themselves to gain levels and so never get stuck.  And there seem to be a lot of quests around (more than I remember, actually) and so I at least at this point always have something to do.  And DAoC is pretty fun when I’m running around doing things instead of trying to find something to do.  I did manage to figure out how to ride a horse, but I’m not sure that the horse moves that much faster than I could run.

So I can compare the three games’ approach to their world and their open world.  Star Trek Online seems to be open from the start, but its quest line pushes you to the story missions and it isn’t at all clear if there are or where there are other missions or other things to do.  Dark Age of Camelot, on the other hand, doesn’t have an overarching story or story quests, and so it tosses you out into the open world, but it has lots and lots and lots of different quests to do, and quests that take you from area to area so that you can pick up quests in that other area, and so on and so forth.  I kept filling up my journal with quests and whenever I knocked one off I picked up another one or two.  The Old Republic strikes a balance between the two, because the class story takes you from area to area and planet to planet in a linear fashion, but it also has lots of other quests available in all the areas and makes them quite visible for the most part (especially the planet missions now which get the same kind of purple marking as the story quests).  So if you need to grind a few levels because the enemies are too tough, you can always pick up the sidequests and overlevel yourself that way, which is what I used to do until the combination of the easier difficulty, more XP for story and planet quests, and bonuses from resting and from Major Experience Boosts made it so that all I needed to do were the story arcs to get enough levels to max out my levels and beat the game.

TOR’s model makes for a more linear game, with some customization and extra quests possible.  DAoC’s is a nice counterpoint to that.  STO’s, right now, isn’t quite working for me, but it might get better as I come to understand the game better.  Right now, I think I’ll play TOR and DAoC regularly and might play STO once a month or so to get in some fun Star Trek gameplay.

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