Vacation Update

So I’ve been off on vacation for about three weeks now — this is what happens when I don’t take it during the year — and it’s a good time to stop and reflect on how I’ve been doing.

One of the big things I wanted to do on this vacation was play video games, because I had been having a really, really difficult time finding the time to play them and so it was the biggest thing that I wanted to do that I hadn’t been doing while working.  They’re going pretty well.  I’ve put enough time in on the MMOs to get a sense of how the new ones work and to decide what I do and don’t like, while still finding some time to advance my character in The Old Republic.  I’ve also managed to put over 40 hours into Persona 5 Royal.  However, with all the adding things in that game I’m starting to worry a bit that I won’t get it done before the end of my vacation, and there isn’t really any room to expand the time I play it and it is a game that really, really will not work well when I go back to work.   I’ll see how it goes, but I may have to adjust things because I really do want to get through it all at least once.  Still, other than that, I’ve done all I wanted to do and am in pretty good shape for after New Year’s.

I wanted to watch Babylon 5 and Crusade while I was off, and have that cleared off the books for New Year’s when I’d return to new shows.  I also wanted to set up some movies to watch while eating or while playing the MMOs.  I’ve been doing pretty well with that.  I should finish Babylon 5 sometime this week, and am playing on watching Crusade all in one day at some point.  I also have my Star Wars and Lord of the Rings rewatches scheduled, which will probably be the first real days that I could be said to be “relaxing” the whole time, as I have found that in general right now I’m always doing something that has a purpose to it beyond just relaxing, which is probably not the best thing for me.

I have some science fiction and horror movies in the backlog to write about, but have a much bigger stack to watch and am having a difficult time figuring out where to fit them into the vacation schedule and in the schedule for after New Year’s.  I still want to keep at them, but right now I have to be opportunistic with them.

I set out to read some lighter books for this month and vacation, mostly re-reads.  Amazingly, that hasn’t been going as well as I had hoped.  I did manage to get through my Ravenloft books (and plan on writing posts about them, and you can probably guess what that means) and am working through “The Finder’s Stone Trilogy” as I was reminded of Curse of the Azure Bonds by the CRPG Addict.  But after that I have the “Heroes in Hell” books and so I have about seven and a half books to get through.  It’s unlikely I’ll finish that before New Year’s when I had hoped to switch back to things that would more readily count as accomplishments.  The thing is that I don’t have the unfettered time to read that I used to have — both in general and that I have when I’m working — and so I can only read pretty much while I’m eating.  In general, I can probably get through about 3 small paperbacks in a week, and now I can get through one or maybe two in a week, which is a much slower pace.  While I’m finding this a bit disappointing, it’s not a big deal and I will be able to easily pick up accomplishment books after I get through these.  So it’s slow, but not something I’m worried about.

I had a list of errands and housework and the like to get through.  I made a good stab at it, but the list is still pretty big.  I’ll need to put a focus on some of it to get it done before the end of my vacation, but I should be able to get through at least the important things, so again while it’s slower than I might have liked it’s working out well enough to not bother me, especially since one day for me to do those things was lost to a snowfall.

And finally, general projects … sucked.  I had a couple of days set aside to do them and over the first three weeks didn’t do them at all.  Okay, I read a chapter in the Deep Learning book that I want to get through.  That’s it.  And now I’m going to co-opt those days to focus on housework and other things.  That being said, the other projects were programming things and I don’t mind that I got away from programming while on vacation, so it isn’t all that bad.  It’s more the implication that I never get around to doing them that’s bothering me, but that has more implications for after New Year’s than my vacation and so I’ll work that out then.

Anyway, that’s how my vacation has gone so far.  I have two weeks left to see how much I can get done before I have to go back to work.

3 Responses to “Vacation Update”

  1. Marc McKenzie Says:

    Will be interested to see your take on BABYLON 5 and CRUSADE. I watched those shows during their first runs on television, and…I liked them quite a bit. I was comfortable enough liking both B5 and STAR TREK:DEEP SPACE NINE, because even though they had similar settings, they took a different approach.

    I was also fortunate to meet W. Morgan Shepard a few years ago–he played the Soul Hunter and a Narn and a Centauri in B5 and various aliens in the STAR TREK shows in the 90s–and he was just a gracious, great man.

    Interestingly, there is a reboot of B5 in the works. Normally this is something that would trigger my warning radar, but the reboot is headed up by J. Michael Strazynski, the original creator of BABYLON 5. He gave some great insights into why he’s doing the reboot and what he intends to do. Taking into account the changes made in regards to TV, streaming services, and of course, visual effects, I’m very interested to see this new take on B5.

    Hell, if it worked for BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, then it will most likely work for B5.

    • verbosestoic Says:

      Well, I talked a lot about Babylon 5 and Crusade a couple of years ago, so I probably won’t say anything this year. Watching Babylon 5 is kind of a Christmas tradition for me [grin].

      I heard about the reboot, and I’m concerned about it. If he simply redoes the original plot lines, then fans of the original series — like myself — will be able to see a lot of things coming and so won’t find it as entertaining. But if he creates a new plot and characters, then we’ll start to wonder why he didn’t just create a new universe for it. And if he tries to go in-between, with similar characters and plot but some differences, then even the small differences might be a bit jarring. With Battlestar Galactica, the initial premise was more important than the specific plot lines, and the original series didn’t get a lot of time to play out that premise either, but Babylon 5’s main draw was the arc, and it will be hard to deviate from that arc while still feeling like Babylon 5. And the Battlestar Galactica reboot didn’t feel like the original either, and that was enough to turn off some fans of the original series (like myself).

      BTW, the discussions of Babylon 5 from two years ago are here:

  2. Final Vacation Update | The Verbose Stoic Says:

    […] At the time I’m writing this — I’m scheduling it to actually go up later — I technically still have some time left on my vacation, but I also know that other than working out my schedule for the next few months (which is a “New Year’s” thing instead of a “vacation” thing) I’m not really going to do anything of consequence in the last couple of days of my vacation, so since I have a bit of time to kill while waiting for my laundry to finish it seems like a good time to write this out.  This continues on from my previous update just before Christmas. […]

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