Accomplishments Update

So, it’s been about another three months since the last one, and I’m about to head into a month-long vacation after which everything will change (or, at least, I will be doing my traditional New Year’s Day reworking of my schedule and priorities at the end of that vacation) and thus it’s a good time to look at what I’ve managed to accomplish over those three months.

As usual, DVDs are working out really well.  I finished “Gilligan’s Island”, and then moved on to “The Munsters”, “Mad About You”, “That 70s Show”, and “Tales From the Darkside” .  I also should be finished the original “Addams Family” show by the time I go on vacation, after having watched the movies recently.  I also watched the entire Universal “Dracula” run, a large number of science fiction movies, and kept up with horror movies in general.  I even managed to find some time to just watch some movies mostly for fun while doing other things.  I’m about to take a break from new stuff to rewatch “The World at War” and “Babylon 5/Crusade”.  So this is something that I have been able to fit into my schedule regularly and have managed to keep up with really well.

Books are also working pretty well.  I finished “Memory, Sorrow and Thorn”, and then read “The Hobbit”, re-read “Lord of the Rings”, re-read “Dracula”, and then read some Bram Stoker cult novels.  Philosophically, I got through about four relatively short books of Jonathan MS Pearce’s and then started reading Nietzsche’s “The Will to Power” (mostly because I bought it while reading Dan Fincke’s stuff and he was, if I recall correctly, a supporter), but it’s a collection of notes which makes it hard to read so I’m spinning my wheels on that a bit.  Right now, I’m taking a break — which makes perfect sense heading into a vacation — and re-reading some Ravenloft and Forgotten Realms books for a while.  Still, books are working pretty well, which only makes sense as reading is my main hobby.

Video games are, well, doing terribly.  I did manage to finish a run at a Dark Side Jedi Consular in The Old Republic, and took some small stabs at some other games, but didn’t really play games at all.  I am planning to play some TOR and Persona 5 Royal when I’m on vacation, and maybe some Dark Age of Camelot and Star Trek Online as well.  But, yeah, this is one category that I really need to rethink on New Year’s Day.

And, finally, nothing is happening with projects, other than the blog.  Still, the blog has been remarkably successful, but is also taking up a lot of my time and contributing to the issues with the other categories.  I want to keep it up, but I want to make it more scheduled and contained in the schedule I make on New Year’s Day.

The next update here will be a vacation update, so the next accomplishments update will probably be in April after I see how the new schedule is working out.

2 Responses to “Accomplishments Update”

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