Thoughts on “Toys of Terror”

This is another “Crave” horror movie, but isn’t a Blumhouse movie this time.  The basic premise here is that a family and their nanny decide to spend Christmas in an old Children’s Home that they have bought and are trying to restore to make a fortune, but the building has a horrific past, where after a woman’s child died she brought them some kind of cursed toys that basically killed them.  They find the toys, and the younger children find them and start acting very strange, as the toys seem to come alive and have some sinister purpose.

At first, I thought that this movie was surprisingly good.  The story was interesting and provided an interesting mystery, and the relationships among the characters worked and worked to add complications.  However, by the end it all falls apart, because it falls into the trap that many modern horror movies do by sticking together a lot of elements and not doing anything with them.  We don’t learn what the toys wanted — they hint that they wanted to see Santa — and they get burned up at the end instead of dealt with.  So we never even find out what the curse really was or what it was intended to do.  We also see a number of scenes with children that are seemingly trapped in the building and want to be helped, but we never find out why that happened or how they could be freed.  All that happens is that the nanny is killed and then is shown at the end reading to the ghost children.  While they hinted that she had lost a child, we don’t know how she got trapped in the house, if she’s trapped in the house, if this is something that will help the children or, well, pretty much anything about that, actually.  So it seems to be relying on us thinking of it as a common sort of situation:  woman who lost a child dies but ends up helping children as she has always wanted to do.  But none of that is actually set up and so we don’t have the emotional connection there.  It’s just a thing that happens.

So despite having a decent premise that promised a decent story and an interesting mystery to solve, at the end of the day nothing gets explained or resolved and so it ends up being incredibly hollow.  While it could have been good, because of that I won’t be watching this movie again.


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