NHL Playoff Predictions: Round 3

So, I had a pretty bad second round, going 1 – 3 and only getting the Islanders right.  However, I can be consoled by the fact that home ice advantage did even worse, going 0 – 4.  So my overall record is 4 – 8, while home ice advantage is 3 – 9.  So you’d have done really, really well this playoffs by picking the lower seeds.  Is this going to continue in the semi-finals?

Montreal vs Vegas:  Montreal has had a great run.  However, they’ve had that great run against teams from the North division who all had weaknesses and who had all demonstrated those weaknesses during the season.  It’s generally accepted that the North is one of the weaker divisions, and Montreal happened to get it together for the first two rounds and managed to exploit the weaknesses of their opponents.  But I can’t imagine that that’s going to happen against Vegas.  Vegas is a better team than Montreal, has lots of playoff experience, and has had to overcome just as many trials as Montreal has.  Montreal can win if Price outplays Fleury, but Vegas has enough talent to make it so that even if that happens they might be able to overwhelm them.

Islanders vs Tampa Bay:  I’d like to keep picking the Islanders.  They’re certainly a team that has proven that they can play against anyone in the playoffs and give a good showing, at least, if not beat them.  However, Tampa Bay won the Cup last season and with the shortened seasons fatigue won’t be much of a factor, and they’ve proven that they’ve overcome their struggles from the regular season and seem to be firing on all cylinders.  Given that, I just can’t bet against the defending champions who seem to be playing like they did when they won it last time.


Montreal vs Vegas:  Incorrect
Islanders vs Tampa Bay:  Correct

Overall Record:  5 – 9
Home Ice Advantage Record: 4 – 10

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