Thoughts on “Eternal Evil”

“Eternal Evil” finishes off the first disk of “The Deadly Beyond”.  It stars Winston Rekert (who I knew from the “Adderly” TV series) as a TV producer who is being taught that he has special powers from a woman that he’s, well, cheating on his wife with (it’s a very troubled marriage, actually, with them not getting along at all and having issues with the son).  He has strange dreams that look like astral projection, but they all involve the deaths of people around him and, particularly, people who are getting in his way at some point.  There are also elements of an interview that he did with a couple who talk about psychic powers and, most importantly, the ability to live forever by possessing others and living out their lives.

Which, of course, is indeed the twist:  what the couple does is take someone, give them the dreams, and convince them that they are responsible for the killings, achieving the dual goal of taking away all of their loved ones and so giving them nothing to live for while making them believe that they are terrible people and so worthy of death itself.  At that point, their bodies are easy to take over and their spirits are driven away.  The woman he’s seeing is in fact one half of the couple and she is with another woman who is the other half (and they are still in a sexual relationship).  The reason they are doing this to him is because one of them, a dancer, is dying of a terminal illness and they need to replace her body as soon as possible.  The main character brings a friend and a shotgun and together they end up killing both of them, ending the movie.

Because the interviews seem so out of place, they kinda spoil the ending, because we know that it has to be relevant somehow and the idea of possessing him for them to keep going is a bit obvious.  The explanation for why they did it is more detailed and interesting than some, but it comes up right at the end which doesn’t leave time for it to simmer with us.  The performances are okay but for the most part it’s just not a memorable movie.  I don’t think I want to watch this one again.


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