Accomplishments Update

Another three months have passed and I’ve just finished my first-half-of-the-year vacation (because if I don’t take any vacation time in the first half of the year since I don’t like to take vacation in the summer I’d have to take too much in the fall for my manager to tolerate), it’s a good time to look at my accomplishments and see how things have gone.

DVDs, as always, work out really, really well.  I managed to get through “Knight Rider” and “Airwolf” (I have to write about the latter one soon), rewatched the original Battlestar Galactica series, and have now started watching Stargirl (and I should be almost done the one season I have of it before this posts).  I also watched a number of science fiction movies and added a tag for sci-fi in general.  I also managed to keep up with the horror movies and have made a dent in my stack that I’ve only partially filled in again with other movies.  And I ended up rewatching “Doctor Who” while working, and then “Transformers G1” and “Beast Wars” and “Beast Machines”.  I’m probably going to cycle back to “Pretty Little Liars” because a) I might be working from work again in a few months time and b) I found that with my wanting to listen to music I want something that runs a little over three hours per disk, since Transformers ran a little under which left a little too much time for music but a little too little time to watch another disk, in general, and “Doctor Who” was slightly over 3 hours and worked really, really well, and I know from my first watch of “Pretty Little Liars” that it’s in the right ball park (some disks might be a little longer than I’d like, but they’d still leave some room for music).

Books went smashingly well.  I read through the entire “X-Wing” series, and then read “New Jedi Order” (and have commented on it) and am now about half-way through “Legacy of the Force”.  I also finished reading through some of Feser’s works as well as “The Unnecessary Science” to comment on, and am now working through some free will stuff and some Batman stuff.  So reading is going really, really well.  But, then, when I’m busy, it always does.

Which means that other things … don’t.  Video games suffered, of course, although I did play a little of “The Old Republic”, am working my way through “Knights of the Old Republic”, have played a little of “Galactic Battlegrounds”, and even installed and played a few simulator missions in “X-Wing Alliance”.  My plan is to slot some time in for “The Old Republic” and some console games in my spring schedule, although I don’t know what console game it will be yet (I’m inclined towards “Persona 5 Royal” but it doesn’t really fit nicely into my schedule at all).  I’ve also managed to stick with “Ring Fit Adventure” and am just about to finish my first run through the RPG.

Which leaves projects.  Other than the blog, there’s no progress here, but I’ve done more and more in-depth things with the blog, which makes me happy.  I’m hoping to get some programming in with the new spring schedule.  So we’ll see how it goes.

So, some really good and some at least fairly bad.  I guess I can at least take consolation with the successes, especially since they’re more important to me right now than the ones I’m faltering on.

2 Responses to “Accomplishments Update”

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