Thoughts on “Party Hard, Die Young”

So, the big thing that stood about this movie for me is that it was an original presentation of Shudder, which is a horror streaming/purchasing channel/site that I had briefly heard of. The hope was that they had access to enough horror movies that they would at least manage to fill in all the necessary tropes. That hope was in vain.

The main premise is that a group of students go to a packed party island and start dying. Ultimately, the deaths are revealed to be related to a party that many of them attended where a girl was raped, and later killed herself. But we don’t really find this out until the very end of the movie, but it also didn’t really build suspense over it either. Ultimately, the killer kidnaps them and makes them play “Truth or Dare” to reveal what happened, and then anally rapes the two guys who raped her (she was his sister) and then tries to kill all of them for … some reason, they escape and leave the island, the end.

The movie commits one of the cardinal sins of horror movies: despite this being a rather short movie, they spend a lot of time on things that don’t actually matter to the plot or characterization. There are copious scenes showing the partying, but that’s only useful in horror movies either as characterization or to contrast with the horror, and other than a very brief scene towards the end where one of the girls is trying to get to her friends to warn them while being pursued by the killer — and then being killed — which immediately starts a panic that leads to the other leads being captured — it’s never done that way. One scene is the heavier girl seemingly breaking out of her shell … but she wasn’t involved in the party and wasn’t kidnapped at the end, so it’s unimportant. They introduce a detective character who does nothing more than be hostile and disbelieving and incompetent, which is even more of a waste because all of her scenes could have been stated as asides by the owner of the place talking about what the police thought about things. So there’s a lot of time wasted that could have been used to build up the horror, tension and drama and provide more hints on what was going on.

They also wasted a good — though possibly unintentional — premise. The first murder we don’t see, or rather only see as a dream that may not have been real. The second murder happened when the girl tried to escape the killer and fell trying to climb off a roof. The third murder happened when the guy was being held up by tape and the tape broke, leaving him to fall on a bottle of alcohol that the murderer was shoving in his mouth. All of these could have easily been accidental. The murderer could have been trying to abduct all of them for that last game in order to find out what happened and punish the guilty, and it could have all been going wrong. This would have also made the murder of the girl that the murderer knew wasn’t present and wanted to keep safe work better, as after explicitly trying to spare her he kills her rather coldly when she’s trying to tell her friends about him. If it was another accidental murder, that would make sense, and they even had the set-up as the murderer slips while running down the stairs while chasing her. If she had done that, it would have fit better into the movie and into the murderer’s character.

The movie is also I think Czech and is dubbed over into English. The dub is terrible. That the words don’t align with their lips is something we have to accept, but the dub really can’t convey any of the emotion required nor does it sound at all natural. That was very distracting.

I won’t be watching this one again.


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