Final Thoughts on the “Wrong Turn” Series

So, I’ve gone through five of the I believe six “Wrong Turn” movies. If you’ve read my comments on them, it won’t surprise you that I don’t care much for the series. What might interest you, though, is that my reaction while watching them was much stronger than when I sat down a month or two later and wrote about them. Perhaps it was just time letting the worst parts about them fade, but other than a few cases I couldn’t really remember anything that terrible about them. It seemed that more things annoyed me about them when watching them than when writing about them.

That being said, I think that at least part of my reaction was spawned from the fact that I was comparing them to my memories of “Backwoods”, which I considered to be a bog-standard “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” style horror movie. But while it was pretty much a paint-by-tropes movie, it still did more with the premise than “Wrong Turn” did. The characters generally had arcs. The background of the villains was better explained. There was more of a purpose to their actions. As an example, in the first “Wrong Turn” movie I griped that the killers killed all the female characters off and then all of a sudden captured the last one for no real reason other than to have her be rescued, whereas in “Backwoods” they always intended to keep the women as breeding stock. While it didn’t delve into things too deeply, it still had things make far more sense. And that’s not a movie that got a ton of sequels or, in fact, any attention whatsoever. Other than some gore, for me the “Wrong Turn” series didn’t have much more going for it. And given its production values it would have been easy for it to be so much more.

So ultimately I conclude that the series is probably merely mediocre, but mediocre in a way that annoys me. So I don’t think I’ll ever rewatch that series. It’s goin’ in the box.

Next up is the actual original “Texas Chainsaw Masscare” movie.


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