Accomplishments Update …

So, things have been fairly topsy-turvy lately (for pretty much everyone) but it’s been fourth months — and a revamped schedule — since the last accomplishments update and so it’s a good time to see how I’m coming along, although given the various issues I’ll have to be a bit forgiving of myself.

DVDs and TV shows/movies are working out pretty well. The new schedule — from New Year’s — means that I split my time between “new” shows — things that I have new DVDs for but that I might have watched when they first game out — and rewatching old shows. The main reason for this was because I have a ton of “new” shows to watch and doing so stops me from rewatching old shows, which can put a strain on watching new shows if I get a hankering to watch an old show. It also seems to help balance things out if I’m not enjoying a “new” show because I’m not spending all my DVD watching time watching a show I don’t really like. But the downside is that it can take a lot longer to watch something because I’m limited to maybe two disks a week. Still, I managed to watch a fair number of things, like “Twin Peaks”, “Picard”, “Beauty and the Beast” and finally managed to finish off “Wonder Woman” after trying to watch it off and on for years. I also finished off “Star Trek TOS” and am working on “Charlie’s Angels”. On another note, as I’m working from home I managed to almost get through the entire run of “Dark Shadows” for the second time as background noise — I will finish it next week –and am planning on doing “Smallville” afterwards. As they are background noise, I don’t particularly pay attention to them, but I pay enough attention to make it worth doing. I’ve also managed to watch some non-horror and horror movies. So, as usual, DVDs are working out the best.

Books are working out less well, mostly because I actually have less time to read in general because of working from home and also because with the way things are I’m a lot busier than normal. I did manage to finish Kant’s “Critique of Pure Reason” and have started “Critique of Practical Reason”, but it’s just really, really difficult to find the time to read things like that. I also haven’t managed to read much of the chess book I have. I did manage to re-read and read some graphic novels, but that took me a lot of time and caused me to not read books that I wanted to read. So, this isn’t working as well as I had hoped or wanted it to.

Video games, perhaps surprisingly, are working out much better. I’ve been playing and finishing a number of games, such as “Steins;Gate Elite”, “Saint’s Row the Third” and “Saint’s Row IV”. My reworked schedule leaves less time for games, so that might not work out, and I’ve started playing “Persona 5 Royal” but now don’t know when I’ll find the time to get through it. Still, the games worked out pretty well in this gap.

Projects, Hobbies and Learning … still aren’t. No real programming, no Deep Learning, no chess playing. I’ve kept up the blog quite well, but nothing else even remotely in this space is happening. I have plans in my schedule to improve on this, but so far that’s not working.

The fault is not in my schedules, but in myself. We’ll see if I can improve on that in the next few months.

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