Pondering Games Again …

So, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned, right now I’m actually busier than I normally am at this time, which has curtailed my game playing. Still, I managed to finish I did manage to finish two Saint’s Row games, and also managed to finish off at least some of the rest of the endings of Steins;Gate Elite, getting about as far as I can get. I’ve still been busy, but I’m starting to try to figure out what games I’m going to play.

Because I spend all day in the bedroom that I use as an “office”, I’ve been biased against playing PC games since I can only play them in that room. It’s nice to be able to get out of that room for a while. I’ve been playing console games for a while because of that, and I have a stack of them to play, including the VNs “The Council” and “Chaos Child”. However, things have opened up a bit where I am and so I was able to finally get my long-delayed pre-order of “Persona 5: Royal”. I also was reading Shamus Young’s discussion of “Marvel’s Spider-Man” and so figured if I could get a mostly complete copy of it I would, and I did (supposedly it’s the Game of the Year edition or something like that that would contain a lot of the DLC). I also managed to get an adapter that will work with my C-64 and Classics consoles and so can revert to my original plan of playing them. And despite what I said above, I am still tempted to just try some of my GOG games.

Persona 5: Royal is the game I’m most interested in playing. However, that game requires me to spend more than an hour or two at a time on it and I don’t really have that right now, at least not on a regular basis. Spider-Man might work in the same vein as the Saint’s Row games, but I’m not sure the gameplay suits me. VNs are not a particularly good genre for me. The Classic Console games would fit in the time I have but might not keep me occupied in general — they might start boring me — and might not work for those times when I have more time to play (Saint’s Row worked very well for when I had limited time and when I had more time due to its nature). And it is very nice to be able to play on my sofa instead of on that chair I sat in all day.

I’ve managed to get those consoles hooked up, so they will stay, which gives me placeholder things to play with, so I figure I’ll start with them. Maybe I’ll have Royal as an option or something to play on weekends, or might slot a GOG game into there.

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