Thoughts on “Leprechaun 2”

So, let me continue my look at the “Leprechaun” movie series with “Leprechaun 2”. This one … is really uninteresting, actually. It introduces an idea never seen before and that we will rarely see afterwards of a complicated set of rules around when the leprechaun can get married attached to a curse given him due to a thrall denying him an agreed upon bride. So it starts a thousand years in the past with the agreement and betrayal, and then he awakens 1000 years later to pursue a bride from the same family line. He also, as usual, loses at least part of his pot of gold and has to chase that down. He’s opposed by the girl he wants to marry, her boyfriend, and his uncle. The latter two are shysters and con artists running a fake horror tour of Hollywood, and use those sorts of tricks to oppose the titular leprechaun.

That the uncle is going to hoist himself on his own petard by going after the pot of gold instead of sticking to the plan to rescue the girl is utterly predictable but does work in character. And the boyfriend’s character works as the sort of hustler that we can nevertheless feel sympathetic towards. However, the girlfriend’s actress just isn’t very good in this movie, which hurts every scene that she’s in. And ultimately, the plot itself just isn’t that interesting. This would leave the scares and murders, and the leprechaun is both a bit too powerful and a bit too weak for it to work. At best, the horror parts are “Meh” and overall the movie isn’t very memorable.

I don’t think I’d want to watch this movie again, and don’t have much more to say about it. It’s nothing special, but unlike “A Nightmare on Elm Street” that isn’t because it does what it does well, but just because it’s relatively inoffensive most of the time. The first movie was okay, but this one is straight-out blah.


2 Responses to “Thoughts on “Leprechaun 2””

  1. Thoughts on “Leprechaun 3” | The Verbose Stoic Says:

    […] Unlike the previous movie, this movie had a really interesting female lead. She was pretty, smart, worldly, and was even set-up to have an interesting and potentially useful skill, as she was training to be a magician and hopefully take over from the one she was an assistant to, which sets up her having escape artist skills that could save the day. By contrast, the male lead was a country bumpkin type who was pretty much an idiot and incompetent throughout the entire movie. As an example, in the beginning after he helps her out by giving her a ride to work, she lets him into the casino on the condition that he not gamble as he is underage and she will get into trouble if he does, and yet he immediately gambles away all of the money he had for his schooling and then tries to gamble some more. This sort of thing is common in movies and even in real life isn’t particularly unrealistic, but it establishes him as an absolute idiot from the start, and that she later has to come in and save him from himself makes him a … rather unimpressive male lead. […]

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    […] is so serious that it doesn’t even fit with the other movies at all, while the other two are closest in tone but are ruined by very poor writing and lead characters. For the most part, […]

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