Thoughts on “A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child”

Alice is back!

My favourite Final Girl in the entire series returns in this one, graduating from high school and somehow also — oddly for a Final Girl — getting pregnant (so a teen pregnancy), and it is her unborn child that Freddy is trying to use to be able to influence the world. This movie focuses more on Freddy’s mother and uses her as the main component to defeat Freddy this time. Alice is still a character that we can relate to and is sympathetic, and her main struggle her is interesting and aligns with and contrasts well with Freddy’s mother’s arc. And because those two arcs are aligned it avoids the issue in the third movie where what is happening in the dream world is made irrelevant by the real world arc.

The biggest problem with this is that, again, you really need to have watched the previous two movies to get the most out of this one. Unlike the other movies in the series and unlike all of the Friday the 13th movies where you can pretty much jump in anywhere and not be confused, you pretty much have to watch all three of these to get the entire picture. You could watch the third one on its own, but you couldn’t watch four or five without watching the previous movies to get the context.

Still, from my angle I am willing to rewatch the previous two, and Alice is still my favourite of the characters which gives me another reason to watch the movie. So I would rewatch all three of these again.


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