End of Fluid Time …

After tomorrow I’m going to at least roughly conform in terms of priorities to the new schedule along with doing the normal things that I’d need to do anyway, so this is the end of the fluid time between Christmas and New Year’s where I had no set priorities and didn’t even have to follow the schedule I worked out for my vacation. How — or rather what — did I do?

I managed to get my Sith Marauder to the point where he acquires Jaesa Willsaam, which was the goal I had set. I had played through with her as Light Side, and so wanted to get her as a Dark Side character and romantic interest. I have more to play through with that, but that won’t happen until the New Year. That … was pretty much all I did when it came to games, which is disappointing. I did try playing Spellcasting 201 on Christmas Day but got stuck in places where I had to wait through the lectures, and while the first one was mildly entertaining the second one was boring, and I was not in the mood to do that, so I dropped the game. I’m not sure when or if I’ll pick it up.

I did get through my Star Wars marathon. I was supposed to marathon the Lord of the Rings movies today but a huge list of things I was supposed to do and some inclement weather that required clean up put that one off. I did watch “The Fellowship of the Ring” while copying CDs and am likely to watch the other two movies at times when I want to just watch a movie, so I will likely get through them this week, just not all in one day.

I also obviously managed to burn most of my CDs to my USB drive, although I still think I’m missing one or two. Still, it’s perfect for listening to at work which was the actual point.

For reading, I’m making great progress on the X-Wing books, and am enjoying them immensely.

I did fill some of my time in with watching horror movies. I’m through the “Nightmare on Elm Street” movies and started the “Leprechaun” series, so expect more posts on horror movies over the next while.

Tomorrow, I set my priorities for the year and when I can do them. Since I’m always thinking, I have some ideas on how it will go, but when I sit down and organize things might change.

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