Last Accomplishments Update of the year

So, again, it’s been about two months since the last one. Also, my schedule will change dramatically in December and I’m reworking my priorities and schedules on New Year’s Day, so it’s a really good time to see how things have been going.

DVDs and TV shows/movies are still the ones that work out the best. I am on track to finish Charmed by the beginning of December and switch to Babylon 5/Crusade then. I also finished Remington Steele, and have even been watching some horror movies again, finishing what I had of the Friday the 13th series and working on Nightmare On Elm Street. So it’s working fairly well.

For books, I finished “War and Peace” and am now over 400 pages into the complete Sherlock Holmes collection, having again put that aside for a bit to read some graphic novels. The pace is slow, but progress is indeed being made.

For video games, not much has happened here. I did manage to play The Old Republic again for a bit and continue my Ranathawn journal storyline, but it’s hard to find time to play when I have the interest in playing it. Still, I have some time dedicated for it in December.

Projects … well, nothing has happened here. In fact, not much has happened here for the entire year, and so this is the category that I’m the most disappointed with. I’m going to be looking to see how to make this work better on New Year’s Day.

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