Ranathawn Diary: Quesh

So, after the war-torn but still pleasant planet of Balmorra, we were sent to the toxic swamp of Quesh. Quesh is a planet that both sides are fighting over because it has some unique chemicals that can be turned into impressive drugs to improve the fighting ability of people by an outstanding degree. Of course, it can often cause addiction and terrible side effects, but they keep trying to get them and use them on their soldiers to fight to control the supply.

See, this is precisely why I say that the Republic and the Empire aren’t all that different.

There was the usual cases where the Republic officers kept trying to force me to choose tactical superiority over, you know, the lives of the people creating the stuff in the first place, but I decided that the better option here was to save the workers and things like that, not the least of which because you can guilt the Republic into thinking better of you if you rub you being altruistic when they were being pragmatic in their faces. That’s probably one reason why the Jedi gained so much power in the first place, as no one rubs altruism into other people’s faces better than they do.

However, there was an interesting traitor, a Major frustrated by not being able to take direct measures to oppose the Empire so he … decided to defect to them for some reason. Of course, an idiot like that is someone that no Sith is going to feel in any way indebted to, even the ones that have a sense of honour, so the Sith used the drugs to turn him into a super soldier and turned him on me, knowing that either I’d kill him or the drugs would. Well, I did neither, managing to defeat him and give him the cure, and then turned him over to be arrested. He was an idiot for his attempts at betrayal, but he didn’t deserve to die over that.

But I also picked up some help for myself and Risha, as I came to the aid of the privateer Ozzik and then used my help to take control of his gang. He was upset that doing so would stop him from the good work he at least considered himself to be doing, but I assured him that he could keep doing it … as long as he always came when I called. I guess he was used to other crime lords or bosses who would insist on his only doing criminal things, but, hey, I’m a privateer, not a pirate. I’m perfectly willing to do legitimate things and helpful illegitimate things if it gets the job done.

Risha didn’t care for Quesh, but now we’re going to go to the averaging out planet … and she didn’t get the first part of that average, for better or for worse.


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