Hit By Fridge Brilliance on Soap …

I watched the first episode of Soap after watching Enterprise on my weekend evening TV viewing. I didn’t remember much of the show, but did know that it had the character of Benson in it that I really liked. From the very beginning, though, I was annoyed by the character. He seemed to be very disrespectful and even downright mean to his boss — whose name I can’t recall at the moment — while being friendly to Jessica, the wife. But as the episode went along and Benson made some standard jokes — like the boss telling Benson to bring him a cup with nothing in it after Benson put sugar in his coffee, and so Benson brought him … a cup with nothing in it — I was struck by how that was actually Fridge Brilliance in the very first episode: Benson likes Jessica — although part of that I know from references in later episodes that I haven’t seen in a while and from his own show — and likely knows that her husband is cheating on her, and so dislikes and annoys the husband because of that. It also explains why the husband doesn’t fire him for his incredibly insolent behaviour, as Jessica likes him and will put up a fuss if he tries to fire Benson, which would give Benson the chance to reveal the affair to her as well. This is buttressed by the fact that he doesn’t treat any of the others as badly, even though he doesn’t seem to care that much for them.

I don’t know if I’ll like the series. But I have to say that that part of it was kinda impressive.

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