MCU Phase 4

What’s in the MCU Phase 4 has been announced. Now, I’m someone who became someone who pretty much bought the MCU movies as soon as I could find them, rather than waiting until I could get them cheap. This was a huge contrast to how I treated the reboots of the Sony Spider-Man movies — I didn’t buy any of them and watched the first Amazing Spider-Man and Homecoming — and the DC movies where the last one I watched was Dark Knight Returns, I believe (the second one, not the last one) and haven’t watched any of the recent ones. However, that’s changed and looking at the Phase 4 films I don’t think I’m going to be doing that anymore.

The first movie that I’m not just primed to buy is Captain Marvel. In fact, right now I don’t have any interest in buying it. But that’s not really because of that movie itself. Sure, the usual Social Justice controversy didn’t help, but it was more the victim of the other movies in the MCU in Phase 3. I hated Black Panther — and Captain Marvel being spun as a movie like Black Panther for women obviously doesn’t help Captain Marvel — and was disappointed in Thor: Ragnarok, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Doctor Strange and Spider-Man: Homecoming. Ant-Man and the Wasp was okay, as was Civil War. I liked Infinity. So out of the movies in that phase, I really liked one, thought two were generally worth watching, and at best didn’t care much for five of them. So that soured me on trying Captain Marvel. On top of that, I was so disappointed by X-Men: Apocalypse that I have no interest in watching the next — and last — movie in that universe, souring me on superhero movies in general. Of course, Endgame is one that I am going to buy and watch as soon as I can find it.

So, what does Phase 4 have to interest me? Well, first, it doesn’t have an Avengers movie, and those were the only ones that I had interest in, so that’s out. It contains a Black Widow prequel which might be mildly interesting but that I’m really going to want to wait and see on, especially since the last similar thing they did was Agent Carter, which I hated. So I’ll probably wait until I can get that one cheap, or on my streaming service. Then there’s Eternals and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, which are two comic properties that I know little to nothing about, and so am not that interested in them per se. I hesitated to get Guardians of the Galaxy at first because I wasn’t a fan of the comics, so that’s going to repeat itself here because I no longer just trust the MCU. I didn’t care for the last Doctor Strange movie, so will want to wait and see on the second one. I have more interest in Thor movies, but they’re doing the Jane Foster Thor which is not a storyline I’m familiar with and while it could be an interesting storyline and a movie built around Natalie Portman has some interest to me, the storyline in the comics wasn’t that well-received for various reasons. Given that I didn’t care for the previous Thor movie and this is aiming at a more dramatic change I want to at least wait and see. Also, the name is rather stupid, which is not a good sign. I’ve never been a Blade fan, even of the movies. I didn’t care for the previous Guardians of the Galaxy movie and about the only character I still liked after that one was Mantis, who can’t carry a movie herself due to the character, so I’m not really interested in that one. There’s a good chance I won’t have seen the first Captain Marvel movie by the time the second one comes out, and so there’s not much interest there either. That leaves the MCU reboots of Fanatstic Four and X-Men. As those are teams that I liked, there’s some interest there, but having skipped so many MCU movies in Phase 4 doesn’t fill me with confidence that those ones will be good … assuming they get actual movies at all.

So, I don’t buy any of the DC live action movies, despite liking at least some of the characters and having the cartoons and enjoying the earlier Batman and Superman movies. I don’t rush to buy any of the Star Wars movies because I’m disenchanted with them, nor do I buy any of the EU works because of that disenchantment. Now, I don’t even buy the MCU works, or at least don’t rush to buy them anymore. What is it about modern movies that makes it so that I, who can afford to buy them and used to buy them, no longer have any interest in doing so?

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